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From "Will, Martin" <>
Subject Re: ZeroMQ dependency
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2017 16:53:02 GMT
Re 3.) Nanomsg is licensed under BSD. []. It’s written by one of the original
authors of zeromq, and can be considered as an evolution it. The API mostly maps 1-to-1.

- Martin

On 2/20/17, 11:54 PM, "Henri Yandell" <> wrote:

    How tied is MXNet to ZeroMQ?
    My notes are that ps-lite depends on it.
    Options I can see here are:
    1) Discuss on general@incubator and determine if the exception is
    acceptable. I suspect this is unlikely given that Apache Toree had a
    problem with jeromq which led to jeromq very kindly relicensing to MPL (
    2) Request libzmq relicense to MPL. This is something the project has
    begun, but seems to be in frozen currently (unless I'm missing recent
    3) Rewrite MXNet to not rely on zeromq. How difficult would that be?
    4) Switching MXNet to use something other than ps-lite? (Not sure if that's
    easier than #3).
    Any thoughts on #3 + #4?

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