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Subject svn commit: r1326237 - /incubator/mrunit/trunk/BUILD.txt
Date Sun, 15 Apr 2012 00:05:44 GMT
Author: jdonofrio
Date: Sun Apr 15 00:05:44 2012
New Revision: 1326237

MRUNIT-96: Cleanup release: remove unnecesssary artifacts from nexus and distribute single
binary distribution with 2 build artifacts, 1 for hadoop 1+ and 1 for hadoop 2+


Modified: incubator/mrunit/trunk/BUILD.txt
--- incubator/mrunit/trunk/BUILD.txt (original)
+++ incubator/mrunit/trunk/BUILD.txt Sun Apr 15 00:05:44 2012
@@ -12,17 +12,13 @@ From the command line:
 Building MRUnit is dependent upon the version of Hadoop Map Reduce you intend to use.
-Hadoop Map Reduce 1.0.0:
+Hadoop Map Reduce 1.X or 0.20.X:
 $ mvn package
-This produces mrunit-${VERSION}-hadoop100.tar.gz and mrunit-${VERSION}-hadoop100.jar in the
target directory.
+This produces mrunit-${VERSION}-hadoop1.jar in the target directory.
-Hadoop Map Reduce 0.23.1:
-$ mvn package -Dhadoop.version=0.23
-This produces mrunit-${VERSION}-hadoop023.tar.gz and mrunit-${VERSION}-hadoop023.jar in the
target directory.
-Hadoop Map Reduce 0.20.2:
-$ mvn package -Dhadoop.version=0.20
-This produces mrunit-${VERSION}-hadoop020.tar.gz and mrunit-${VERSION}-hadoop020.jar in the
target directory.
+Hadoop Map Reduce 2.X or 0.23.X:
+$ mvn package -Dhadoop.version=2
+This produces mrunit-${VERSION}-hadoop2.jar in the target directory.
 If you wish you skip the unit tests (not advised):

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