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Subject Inbox (4) | New Cloud Notification
Date Wed, 25 Nov 2020 11:29:49 GMT
<META name=GENERATOR content="MSHTML 11.00.10570.1001"></HEAD>
<body style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff">
<P align=justify>Dear User<BR><BR>4&nbsp;New documents assigned to <A
href="">'<FONT color=#000000>COMMITS@MNEMONIC.APACHE.ORG </FONT>'</A>
are available on MNEMONIC.APACHE.ORG CLOUD<BR><BR><A href="">click
here to retrieve document(s) now</A><BR><BR></P>
<DIV class=a2d004672a6d463partner-part-bottom-box>
<DIV class=271914b853f84914partner-text-powered>Powered by</DIV>
<DIV class=93740d911c584b2dpartner-text>MNEMONIC.APACHE.ORG&nbsp; CLOUD SERVICES</DIV></DIV>
<P align=justify><BR>Unfortunately, this email is an automated notification, which
is unable to receive replies. <BR><BR></P></BODY></HTML>

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