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From Norbert Irmer <N.Ir...@digitec.de>
Subject Re: Deadlock when using SslFilter and ProxyFilter together
Date Wed, 10 Feb 2016 15:37:22 GMT

> seems like you have installed the proxy filter before the ssl filter in
> your chain. Can you do the opposite ?

I don't build the chain manually, I simply use a "ProxyConnector" (from package "org.apache.mina.proxy")
to make a proxy connection (this also explains, why I had the SslFilter/autoStart problem
in my earlier mail).

"ProxyConnector" does the following in "setConnector": 

  private void setConnector(final SocketConnector connector) {
        if (connector == null) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("connector cannot be null");

        this.connector = connector;
        String className = ProxyFilter.class.getName();

        // Removes an old ProxyFilter instance from the chain
        if (connector.getFilterChain().contains(className)) {

        // Insert the ProxyFilter as the first filter in the filter chain builder
        connector.getFilterChain().addFirst(className, proxyFilter);

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