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From Emmanuel Lécharny <elecha...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: MINA hogs the CPU (100%) with resetWakeupSocket
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2014 01:21:10 GMT
Le 3/6/14 11:59 PM, Hidden a écrit :
> This is what the CPU sampler showed me:
> "Healthy" server: http://puu.sh/7ld4T.png
> CPU constantly at ~75%: http://puu.sh/7lp8Y.png
> Both were taken after about 15 seconds. The order of those methods
> doesn't change after that.
> Yesterday it ran fine for 18 hours, then went to 100% again. Today is
> the first time it didn't go straight to 100, and the NioProcessor
> threads in thread dumps mostly show poll0 (as it does when it runs
> smoothly). The only difference I could find is that resetWakeupSocket0
> used more CPU time (when it's healthy it's below 1.000ms). That is
> also the method that shows up for many threads in a thread dump while
> it eats 100%.
> I also noticed that (after it starts misbehaving) there are ~10
> NioProcessor threads that constantly use more CPU time than all the
> other threads. In a thread dump, they're always at poll0 though, just
> like most of the other threads.
> The profiler, on the other hand, was quite bitchy. It either didn't
> give conclusive results, didn't show anything at all (except 1.xxx
> methods instrumented - refreshing wouldn't help as well), or it got
> stuck after a few seconds and screwed up the profiled application in
> the process, so that I had to kill the server.
> I did some further packet-related tests and couldn't find any
> malformed/abnormally long packets, and the amount of packets that run
> through the protocol codec is normal for the number of clients. The
> bandwidth is pretty normal as well while it derps.
This is not very conclusive :/

Whe did you switch to Java 1.7.0-51 ?

Emmanuel Lécharny

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