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From "Guy Itzhaki" <gitzh...@nextnine.com>
Subject Possible synchronization issue
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2010 09:52:18 GMT
Dear mina team and users,


I'm experiencing a behavior in which the server sends the data

I struggled with the problem for a while and I believe that I succeeded
to pin point the problem.

Server side:

The server is based on mina 2.0.0 M6

I'm using 2 filters, the first one is FileWithHeaderWriteFilter and the
second is an ExecutorFilter.

No Decoders & Encoders are in use.

Once a connection is established the server sends a burst of messages
(couple of hundreds, each message is a few Kb) to the client, where each
message is a file preceded by a meta data string associated with the

Here is the code in the session handler for sending these files:


public void sessionOpened(final IoSession session)


        // Creating a thread to do all the job

        new Thread(){

        public void run() {

                try {

                                File[] files = new

                                for (File file : files)


fileWithHeader = new FileWithHeader(file);

"+file.getName()+ " len "+file.length());



                } catch (IOException e) {





The FileWithHeaderWriteFilter is used to send files, it extends

The main methods of FileWithHeaderWriteFilter are:


protected IoBuffer getNextBuffer(FileWithHeader message)

        throws IOException


        if (!message.isStarted())




            return getHeader(message);



        return getFile(message);



    private IoBuffer getHeader(FileWithHeader message)

        throws IOException


        /* int for the message len + message itself */

        String header = message.getHeader().to String();

        int      capacity = header.length() + 4;

        IoBuffer buffer = IoBuffer.allocate(capacity, false);





        return buffer;



    private IoBuffer getFile(FileWithHeader message) throws IOException


        FileRegion fileRegion = message.getFileRegion();


        // If there are no more bytes to read, return null

        if (fileRegion.getRemainingBytes() <= 0)


            return null;



        // Allocate the buffer for reading from the file

        final int bufferSize = (int) Math.min(getWriteBufferSize(),

        IoBuffer  buffer = IoBuffer.allocate(bufferSize);


        // Read from the file

        int bytesRead = fileRegion.getFileChannel().read(buffer.buf(),



        // return the buffer



        return buffer;



As you can see first it sends the header as a string and then the file
content. That's it. The getFile method is a replica of

The FileWithHeader class is actually a wrapper to FileRegion, it holds
DefaultFileRegion and the header.


Am I doing something wrong or do you think this could be a bug?

Thanks in advance,


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