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From Alexander Christian <a...@root1.de>
Subject DIRMINA-790: 2.0.0M6 + 2.0.0RC1: Win7 performance issue
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2010 14:27:59 GMT


last time I had a kind of "bug-problem" i posted on this list. Then I was
asked to create an JIRA issue. Now I created the issue upfront and want to
discuss it here:

I've written a kind of RMI replacement uses MINA for network communication
layer that is also able to transfer files very fast (without reflection and
complex serialisation stuff). One of my customers faced a performance
problem as soon as the receiving application part is running on Win7.

I tried to create an reproducer:
First I wrote a small test application using Java IO that simply transfers
1.000.000 bytes of random data from a client to a server. That's very fast.
It doesn't matter if I try on localhost, or from WinXP->Win7 oder
Win7->WinXP. Even Linux->Win7 is fast.

Then I wrote the same kind of application with mina. No additional codec,
nothing complex. I just transfer 100 IoBuffers with 10.000 bytes each from
A to B.
If I run the application on WinXP via localhost, it's very fast. <1sec

If I run client and server in Win7, it's f*cking slow. Takes >1min to

Please find attached the test application.
Just extract and run:

java -cp MINASocketTransfer.jar;./lib/* minasockettransfer.Client <IP or
Hostname of Server>
java -cp MINASocketTransfer.jar;./lib/* minasockettransfer.Server

The lib folder contains 2.0.0M6 and 2.0.0RC1. To switch from the one to
the other version, simple "move" the tailing "_" to exclude the specified
lib from classpath.
Java-Source files are included in the MINASocketTransfer.jar ...

I tested it with 2.0.0M6 and 2.0.0RC1. It's reproducible with both


Has anyone observed a similiar behavior with Win7?


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