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From Patrick Sansoucy <patrick.sanso...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: MINA hanging onto dead connections?
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 02:19:48 GMT
I was speaking of our own io framework we built in C and Java for our 
applications at my workplace (concerning the poll) ... Before we started 
migrating to Mina ;)
Sorry for the confusion

On 1/11/2010 9:17 PM, Emmanuel LŽcharny wrote:
> Patrick Sansoucy a écrit :
>> Sorry to jump on the thread, but I'm a bit surprised by (and curious 
>> about) the behavior exposed here and the fact that Mina does not 
>> detect it ...
>> Is the connections between your 2 boxes direct (ie no proxy or 
>> firewall) because I witnessed a couple of years ago the exact same 
>> behavior with one of our application and we found out that the issue 
>> was that a proxy was leaving the socket hanging there making the 
>> client or server think it was still active.
>> From what I remember from our diverse implementation at work (I am 
>> not familiar with Mina's inner working). I think the poll would 
>> indicate something occurred and a read confirm the socket closing 
>> (cleanly or not).
> As far as I understand the way NIO works, when the clinet has brutally 
> closed the connection (ie, no FIN), the selector won't be informed 
> about any modification regarding this socket, so its SelectionKey  
> will never be returned on a select() operation.
> I any case, we don't poll.
> Am I missing something ?

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