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From 程广 <elf.ch...@browan.com>
Subject Re: Help with decode and decodable (truncated header issue)
Date Fri, 17 Jul 2009 09:00:43 GMT
在 星期四 16 七月 2009 23:15:28,Brian Parkinson 写道:
> Hello:
> We're still trying to work through an issue we have seen in production,
> only under fairly heavy load - we are seeing truncated headers.
> I've listed the code below, but have a specific question:
> In the 'decodable' method, we return MessageDecoderResult.OK if there is a
> full HTTP message (ie. headers, blank line, and possibly body if a POST).
> Note that in the 'decode' method, there is a loop - the comment says that
> this is for the case where there is more than one request in the buffer (I
> wrote this comment, but almost 2 years ago).
> My question - is this wrong?
I don't see error in code,but ,did you realy get more than one request in one 
http packet?
Please check your parse  function!

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