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From "Maarten Bosteels" <mbosteels....@gmail.com>
Subject Re: LoggingFilter.log ??
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2009 15:24:54 GMT
Hi BoB,

You didn't have these issues with Mina 2.0.0M2 ?


On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 4:06 PM, boB Gage <bgage@ekosystems.com> wrote:

> Ok, tossed out TrafficMask, wrote my own CaptureLogFilter, and still have
> the same problems I originally came to this list to try to find a clue
> about....
> I have an app that talks with more hardware than we can afford to keep in
> house, so it has a simulator mode that reads data & script commands from a
> source file and pretends to be one device or another.   Each of these
> simulations uses (used) a VmPipe connection.       I've got two detectable
> symptoms:
> 1) A session.write() call from the simulation code's engine thread does not
> return until the data included in the write() is successfully decoded.
> 2) If the data in the write() call is such that the MessageDecoder(s)
> return NEED_DATA, the parent Mina object (CumulativeProtocolDecoder?)
> repeatedly calls the MessageDecoder's decode() method with the same data
> over and over and over and over and over and over .........  until canceled
> by external forces.
> Am I the only one that has seen this kind of behavior???     Is it unique
> to VmPipe connections or indicative of a deeper problem????     Is there a
> work-around besides ensuring that no single session.write() call results in
> anything more or less than a perfectly decodable, single "packet" however
> the lower-level protocol may define that word??
> Thanks in advance,
> boB
> Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
>> boB Gage wrote:
>>> I just upgraded from Mina 2.0.0M2 to M4 and ran into some issues I didn't
>>> expect.   Neither is listed in the M4 change notes.    I don't see any
>>> change notes from M3 to check.
>>> 1) There is no more TrafficMask object ??
>>>   We used to set our desired traffic to TrafficMask.ALL, just commented
>>> that code out
>> The TrafficMask class was unusable as is. We decided to removed it from
>> the core. It has been removed on nov, 5th.
>>> 2) LoggingFilter object no longer has a log() method ????
>>>  We had overridden log() to impose our own format creating a complete
>>> data capture log (Mina default format only showed first N bytes)
>> The log() methods are now private. They are not mean to be exposed. Would
>> you have to log specific information, then I think the best would be to
>> write your own log filter, and push it to the chain. You can even copy/paste
>> the current loggingFilter, change what you need, and inject it into the
>> chain.
>>> I'm hoping I can just ignore the TrafficMask issue.   But our
>>> LoggingFilter change was in response to a specific need (complete data
>>> capture in log) that Mina was not giving us.    The new LoggingFilter has
>>> nothing that looks like a log() method at all.
>>> Any comments or suggestions are appreciated!!!  boB

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