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From "Lorenzo Bolzani" <l.bolz...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: When is safe to write on the session?
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2008 17:02:32 GMT
2008/10/2 Maarten Bosteels <mbosteels.dns@gmail.com>:
> Good to hear that you like the tutorial :-)

Yes, It is clear and complete.
The only problems I found were reading LittleEndian encoded numbers
(because I did not found a BufferAllocator that creates this kind of
Buffers and subclassing existing ones to configure this setting is not
easy, at this time I'm reading byte blocks and switching order "by
hand". No problem for writing) and the doubt about async writes. The
javadoc clearly states that IOSession is thread-safe but I found no
example (chat, netcat, tennis, etc.) working in this way. Maybe a
"keep-alive" feature could be added to the chat example to show the
right way to do it. I'll try to find some time to provide a little

> You don't have to synchronize anything, unless your threads are
> sharing non-MINA data structures of course.
> MINA will add the WriteRequest to the queue and the IoProcessor
> thread(s) will put the message on the wire.

Ok, I'll try. Thanks for your reply to this simple question.



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