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From Chris Gamble <cgam...@crgmedia.com>
Subject Re: multiplayer online game (client/server architecture)
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2008 20:30:05 GMT
I hate to see threads like this started -- especially when the community 
has done such a great job of providing a product.

My experience with MINA and its how-to library was a  great and simple 
experience. I got up and running with a flash gaming site with 1 hour of 
work. I did have to do a quick search on Google to figure out the 
oddness of Flashes XMLSocket, but everything else was there. The only 
place I saw could use improvement in MINA documentation would have been 
for advanced features. So I could see a need for a down-n-dirty with 
MINA book, but I think the example and documentation provided are 
extremely reasonable to get started.

Please consider this a long over due thanks to the Apache MINA people 
for a great job.

Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> I guess that this is typically what we see frequently on ML : students 
> have some project to work on (multi player game, for instance), they 
> pick some cool library like MINA because it's Apache, but it soon 
> appears that MINA (or whatever cool lib) won't become magically a 
> multi player online game project done and running.
> Sweat, long nights and week-end, books, internet, lot of coffee, this 
> is the secret of good project. Tutorial won't replace that. Of course, 
> MINA tutorials are totally primitive, and need to be improved, but I 
> simply wish that those who went through them, and found them weak, to 
> come back with some improvements and proposal for better tutorials. 
> This is quite rare.
> But be sure that if you go through the whole path successfully, we 
> will gratefully appreciate any feedback !
> At some point in the future, someone will stand up and write a "MINA 
> for the dummies" book, or "MINA in action"...
> It's up to you, guys !
> Daniel Westerberg wrote:

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