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From Emmanuel Lecharny <elecha...@apache.org>
Subject Re: multiplayer online game (client/server architecture)
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2008 20:22:27 GMT
Hi Daniel,

I guess that this is typically what we see frequently on ML : students 
have some project to work on (multi player game, for instance), they 
pick some cool library like MINA because it's Apache, but it soon 
appears that MINA (or whatever cool lib) won't become magically a multi 
player online game project done and running.

Sweat, long nights and week-end, books, internet, lot of coffee, this is 
the secret of good project. Tutorial won't replace that. Of course, MINA 
tutorials are totally primitive, and need to be improved, but I simply 
wish that those who went through them, and found them weak, to come back 
with some improvements and proposal for better tutorials. This is quite 

But be sure that if you go through the whole path successfully, we will 
gratefully appreciate any feedback !

At some point in the future, someone will stand up and write a "MINA for 
the dummies" book, or "MINA in action"...

It's up to you, guys !

Daniel Westerberg wrote:
> Hi
> I would say: don't go for a multiplayer online game if you don't even know
> Java and MINA very good. Mina is a very good library and it fills its
> purpose very nicely. It is not a difficult library to understand and it's
> not too low level either.
> I always shake my head when I read posts in forums about people asking
> something like "Hi im just getting started learning to program, how can i
> make my own mmorpg?". If you don't know enough programming to know how
> much work you have to put in to make simple or advanced online game, don't
> go for it.
> I don't write this to insult you, it's merely just a reminder for you to
> maybe rethink your goals and cut them into smaller steps...
> Regards
> Daniel Westerberg
>> I would like to build a multiplayer online game (client/server
>> architecture)  in which the client is an
>> applet and server is a pure java.  I would like to use mina framework to
>> build my network layer. I went throught Mina tutorials, It was very
>> difficult for me ...
>> i feel its very low level API. Can any one help me and guide me to good
>> tutorial.
>> thanks in advance
>> regards,
>> Maryam Farzaneh
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-- åÌÇæëÇ
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cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel Lécharny

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