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From Matt Reynolds <mreyno...@loopysoft.com>
Subject HTTP Proxy in Mina - Streaming question
Date Sat, 10 May 2008 21:37:55 GMT
I'm interested in writing an HTTP proxy, and as a proof-of-concept, I  
decided to use Mina (having previously used NIO directly).  The code  
is attached to this email.

The code is messy, but when you fire it up and use it, most pages work  
fine (SSL is horked, don't try it).  Flickr and other sites load fine  
(except if you run out of file handles, heh, again, it's a PoC).   
However, youtube and most streaming sites don't appear to work  
correctly.  They get a certain amount of data downloaded and then the  
stream is cut ( I believe by the remote server, for an unknown reason ).

I'm trying to figure out the best way of using the (recommended)  
Codecs along with some mechanism for streaming.

While I'm interested in solving the problem of efficiently working  
with ByteBuffers, I think that's solvable once I have a partial  
solution to the streaming issue.

Anyway, thanks for your time, and any suggestions are welcome.  I'm  
using 2.0M1 with the code below (and commons-lang 2.4).

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