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From massimiliano basilica <massimiliano.basil...@yahoo.it>
Subject (custom Ftplet) onConnect method problem
Date Wed, 13 May 2009 14:27:44 GMT

Hi I need some hint on using the FTPServer 1.0.

I need to grant the access to the FTPServer to a list of well-known hosts, identified by their
ip address.

I've defined the following ftplet overriding the onConnect method.
In this method I checked the ip address of the client, if the address is not in the granted
list, the method returns the FtpletResult.DISCONNECT value.

Eventually, I made a test, using an host not present in the granted list, but the FTPServer
gives me the access.

This is an example code:

public class CustomizedFtplet extends org.apache.ftpserver.ftplet.DefaultFtplet { 
	static Logger log = null;
	public FtpletResult onUploadStart(FtpSession session, FtpRequest request) 
	throws FtpException, IOException { 

		System.out.println("==> Upload"); 

		return FtpletResult.DEFAULT;
	 public FtpletResult onLogin (FtpSession session, FtpRequest request) 
		throws FtpException, IOException { 

			System.out.println("==> On Login " + session.getClientAddress()); 
			return FtpletResult.DEFAULT; 
	     * this method has been overridden to intercept IP address, Port and HostName 
		public FtpletResult onConnect(FtpSession session) throws FtpException,
		IOException {
			FtpletResult retVal = FtpletResult.DISCONNECT;

			String ip = session.getClientAddress().getAddress().getHostAddress();
			System.out.println("ApacheFtplet Client Address  is "+ip);
			System.out.println("ApacheFtplet Client Port     is "+session.getClientAddress().getPort());
			System.out.println("ApacheFtplet Client HostName is "+session.getClientAddress().getHostName());
			System.out.println("FtpletResult " + retVal);
			if (grentedHost(ip))
				retVal =  FtpletResult.DEFAULT; 
			return retVal;

	private boolean grantedHost(String ip) {
		return false;

I registered the ftplet using:		Map<String,Ftplet> ftplets = new HashMap<String,Ftplet>();
		ftplets.put("custom",new CustomizedFtplet());

Do you think I made some mistake?Is there a FTPServer life cicle I didn't take in account?
Note that the onLogin Method works fine (the session is closed when it returns FtpletResult.DISCONNECT).It
seems that the FtpletResult.DISCONNECT for the method onConnect is not handled on the upper
Thank you in advance for your help.
I'm looking forward your answering.

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