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From Steve Ulrich <steve.ulr...@proemion.com>
Subject AW: ExecutorFilter quick poll: How do you use it ? no---signature
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2008 16:20:47 GMT
> Emmanuel Lecharny [mailto:elecharny@gmail.com] wrote
> Hi guys,


> 1) Are you using the ExecutorFilter ?


> 2) Where in the chain do you put this filter ?

Behind the codec and (SLF4J) logging filters, just before the long running tasks and database
stuff begins.

> 3) what if the IoHandler itself implement an executor instead of using
> a specific filter ?

We have Filters that will do database stuff, like logging things, checking for some preconditions,
etc. So it wouldn't help very much.

> 4) Is this a problem if the chain is not protected when using an
> ExecutorFilter ?

The one method/event at a time per session should be ok for most cases. Maybe it would be
good for beginners to have a single threaded chain.



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