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From Lorenz Breu <...@hot-shot.com>
Subject accessing existing sockets once created
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2008 11:33:57 GMT

OK, so I have now implemented crude (Multicast) AprDatagramAcceptor and
-Connector that seem to work on linux (no documentation, no error
handling). My question now: I would like to have joinGroup and
leaveGroup have an effect on any sockets the acceptor is "managing". Is
there a way to access the sessions or sockets the acceptor has already
initialized after the binding? getManagedSessions doesn't work for UDP,
and neither does going through the pollset (both always empty)... I
currently keep a list of subscribed groups (Strings), and everytime a
session or a socket gets created it is set to join those groups. However
with the existing (slightly modified) MemoryMonitor example joining only
works when I set the group before the binding, as in the UDP setting a
session/socket is created once and reused... So now a join requires an
unbind-join-bind operation by the user...

I hope somebody reading this list might see a way using existing MINA


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