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From "Scott Peters" <spet...@visto.com>
Subject Traffic Shape Filter
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2008 23:37:00 GMT
Are there any examples of how to use the Traffic Shaping filter?  I do
not see any unit test cases so it brings to question if this filter has
been tested or ready yet?

With this code below I do not see any change in behavior that would show
the throughput is being slowed down.

My goal is to allow us to simulate different network through puts [
GPRS, EDGE, T1, etc ] that different parts of our product use.

public static ScheduledExecutorService	s_scheduler

Public sessionCreated(IoSession session)
	TrafficShapingFilter tsf = new TrafficShapingFilter(s_scheduler,
100, 100);
	session.getFilterChain().addFirst(TRAFFIC_SHAPING_FILTER, tsf);

Thank you,
Scott Peters

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