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From "Maarten Bosteels" <mbosteels....@gmail.com>
Subject result poll logging frameworks
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2007 14:15:40 GMT
Hello community,

Thanks for participating in the poll. Here are the results:

log4j:  14
logback: 4
slf4j-simple:  3
slf4j-nop:  2
java.util.logging: 1

8 people are using exclusively log4j
3 people are using exclusively logback
1 person is using exclusively java.util.logging

Everybody using slf4j-simple or slf4j-nop is also using log4j.
I suppose these people use log4j in production, and slf4j-simple or slf4j-nop
during development, right ?

That would mean that there is only one poor soul (sorry Steven E. Harris :-) )
that can't use the MDC feature.

Trustin, maybe we should reopen the discussion about removing IoSessionLogger
in favour of MdcInjectionFilter :-)


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