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From "Trustin Lee" <trus...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Testimonial
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2007 09:07:18 GMT
Hi Frederic,

On 8/3/07, fred.bregier@free.fr <fred.bregier@free.fr> wrote:
> (Sorry re-post since I forgot to use the Object in the message, argh webmail!)
> Hi Trustin,
> I was also thinking it was too long (as every people enthusiast of
> their project, I enter too much in details).
> So let me try again with a shorter one (not so obvious).
> Mina was the rock that was missing in my project when we started one year ago.
> In OpenLSD project (Open Legacy Storage Document as a framework for document
> archiving for huge storage), we use Mina, Tomcat, JDBC(Oracle/PostGreSQL/MySQL).
> We found no particular problems that weren't address by Mina's mailing list
> and performances were OK too.
> It is an example of DemuxingIoHandler and Serialization based application.
> Our integration-production process tooks 1 year and 6 months more will be used
> to fully qualify two new relatives projects: OpenLSM (eMail archiving framework
> based on OpenLSD and ThunderBird) and OpenR66 (Route 66 as a file transfer
> monitor for both projects that mimics a professional file transfer monitor),
> thanks to Mina again and all its contributors.
> I hope this one is short enough.

Hmm... yeah it's short, but I think it's not a testimonial but just a
case study abstract.  You could explicitly specify what advantage you
gained by using MINA to impress newcomers!  It's because it's a
testimonial that attracts potential new MINA users.  Newcomers don't
have any idea what DemuxingIoHandler or Serialization but want to know
if its easy to learn or high-performing.

If I were you, I'd specify the impressive performance numbers you got
and how much time you saved thanks to MINA.  .. and I think people
will be very impressed that it's used for peta-scale document storage
system. ;)

> Let me say again that I appreciate of course what Mina brings to us but
> and probably more the help I got while reading every day this mailing list!
> I learn almost something every day reading this list.
> Thank you all and continue your great work!

I actually want to thank you for creating such a nice system with
MINA, and please always don't hesitate to give us feed back!

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