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From Michael Bauroth <michael.baur...@falcom.de>
Subject Re: [Asyncweb] Get started
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2007 06:32:13 GMT
Hi Trustin,

thank you for your response. This part is clear so far now ... but how 
are the services (e.g. SessionExample.java) related to this approach 
(and how can I attach one of these services in the lightweight example)? 
Are they equivalent to our codecs and filters?

Best Regards

Trustin Lee schrieb:
> On 6/13/07, Michael Bauroth <Michael.Bauroth@falcom.de> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> in the last few month I've written a own server on top of mina. I've
>> used many of the supported stuff like Spring and JMX too. I was very
>> impressed about the performance and the ease of use of Mina code.
>> Now I've reached the point, where I need a http counterpart for my
>> server to support e.g. HTTP requests, RSS features. I've thought, that
>> Asyncweb is the best choice for this part. Unfortunately I see the code,
>> the examples and the Spring files but have no idea how to start. Should
>> I use the code from Asyncweb or the Http example from within Mina? I
>> don't use Maven but instead Eclipse and Ant. Especially the use and
>> meaning of the services and the connection to the other Asyncweb stuff
>> seems strange to me.
> Please start from the 'lightweight' example.  It directly uses
> AsyncWeb HTTP protocol codec, so there will be no much confusion; it's
> simply a MINA application.
> HTH,
> Trustin

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