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From Sven Panko <Sven.Pa...@proximity.de>
Subject Re: [1.0] Three questions concerning object serialization and MINA
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 08:56:54 GMT
Hi Trustin,

> [...]
> We overrided read/writeClassDescriptor() of ObjectInput/OutputStream to 
> the bandwidth.  When a Java object is serialized, the descriptor of the
> object's class is serialized together.  The descriptor contains a lot of
> meta-information related with the class and it's huge comparing to the
> actual data we want to exchange because it contains long strings such as
> type name and field name.  It's sometimes ten times bigger, and then we 
> wasting 90% of bandwidth.  That's why we chose to override
> read/writeClassDescriptor() method.
> Calling getObject() with explicit class loader specified might help you:
> MyMessageToReceive m = buffer.getObject(
> MyMessageToReceive.class.getClassLoader());
> Please let me know if this works for you.  Otherwise, we need to find a
> better solution.

I'll try this solution on the client side by providing a special class 
loader - maybe it works. If it does, I'll post my findings so that others 
may use object serialization with Eclipse RCP as well.

> > My last question concerns the different default max object sizes in 
> > en- and decoder implementations - is there a reason why the encoder 
> > encode objects up to Integer.MAX_VALUE, but the decoder refuses 
> > above 1MB? Are you aware of some known issues concerning memory
> > consumption if I set the max object size of the decoder to
> > Integer.MAX_VALUE as well?
> I thought decoder should be more restrictive in receiving a big object
> because of the rick of DoS attack.  That's all.  If there's consensus on
> changing the default value, we can change it, too.  :)

Ok, just what I thought. The default value is fine - I think a short note 
in the JavaDoc stating that the max object size in decoder is set to a 
lower value because of possible DoS attacks would be nice. The reason that 
this doesn't affect me directly at the object serialization level is 
because of the fact I use SSL with client certs and the SSL filter 
prevents connections with invalid certs prior of a possible DoS attack (or 
am I mistaken?).

Thanks for all your help!



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