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From Niklas Therning <nik...@trillian.se>
Subject Re: Missing Classes for Spring Integration
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 08:55:39 GMT
KlausStake wrote:
> I've checked out the latest release and tried to run the chat example aiming
> to show the spring integration capabilities. Somehow I miss some classes
> which make it impossible to use the spring integration. 
Did you check out trunk from Subversion or are you using the official
1.0.0 release? This example should work in 1.0.0 but it's quite likely
that it doesn't work in the latest code from Subversion since we have
made some API changes and I'm not sure whether the Spring XML files have
been updated accordingly.
> The missing classes are:
> org.apache.mina.integration.spring.Binding
> org.apache.mina.integration.spring.IoAcceptorFactoryBean
> org.apache.mina.common.IoServiceConfig
These have been removed from Subversion trunk due to simplifications in
the API.
> The files have been deleted in one of the past revisions. Is there a reason
> why this has been done?
> Another issue are the spring context configuration files. Currently there is
> jmxContext.xml and serverContext.xml. Both configuration files contain jmx
> stuff. I suggest to merge the 2 configuration files to 1 file for ease of
> understanding the example.
> Should I open an issue? Can somebody help me?
I've just checked in fixes which makes the server run. The
jmxContext.xml has been removed as per your suggestion. There seems to
be something wrong with the client code and I don't have time to look at
it now. Though you could still try it out by using telnet to connect to
the server. Just type telnet localhost 1234 and then try the commands
LOGIN <username> and BROADCAST <message>.

Niklas Therning

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