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From Michael Bauroth <michael.baur...@falcom.de>
Subject Re: Exception while using slf4j-log4j13 ???
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 09:49:31 GMT
Sorry, was my mistake. After changing the try-catch block for catching 
Throwables instead Exceptions, I've found out, that I missed the 
log4j-1.3 package itself :(


Trustin Lee wrote:

> On 4/12/06, Michael Bauroth <michael.bauroth@falcom.de> wrote:
>>I figured out an exception while calling CharsetUtil.getDefaultCharset.
>>It took me a while until I found out, that the call of
>>LoggerFactory.getLogger( CharsetUtil.class ) failed. I've used the jar
>>slf4j-log4j13. After replacing it with slf4j-simple all works fine.
>>Now my question: What is the difference?
> Could you please give us a stack trace?
> Thanks,
> Trustin
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