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From David McGinnis <>
Subject Logging Into Metron UIs On Kerberized Cluster?
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:44:57 GMT

I have a kerberized HDP 2.6.3 cluster which I have installed Metron on
through an MPack. I am using code straight from the master branch of the
github as of last week.

When I try to log into the Alerts UI or the Management UI, I seem to be
unable to do so. I have tried using Kerberos credentials, local host
credentials (mostly the same thanks to SSSD) and the test accounts
mentioned in some documentation (admin/password and user/password in
particular). I also examined the backing database (Postgres in my case) to
see if there might be some users there that have been configured, but no
table has been created there. No errors have appeared in the logs for
either UI as far as I can tell. My assumption was that my kerberos
principal would work here, but it doesn't seem to.

Any ideas on where to look for errors that might be occurring, or
configurations that need to be set in order to allow for log into the
system properly?

David McGinnis
Staff Hadoop Consultant | Avalon Consulting, LLC
<>M: (513) 439-0082
LinkedIn <> | Google+
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