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From "" <>
Subject Re: Getting Started / Acquring a Mentor
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2016 10:23:05 GMT
Welcome Tyler!

I think you and I are in very similar scenarios - would love to chat more
sometime.  In addition to what Matt said above, check out the IRC channel
on freenode #apache-metron.  Looking forward to working together on this
project :)


On Wed, Oct 19, 2016, 17:01 Matt Foley <> wrote:

> Hi Tyler,
> If no one’s said it yet, welcome to the community! :-)  Your idea of
> extending Security Monitoring to include physical/video inputs sounds
> really interesting.
> To contribute to Metron, you’ll want to follow the instructions at
> including subscribing to the “dev” mailing list,
> and
> If you have questions after reading that, feel free to ask on the “dev”
> list.
> Apache requires that all Projects follow the “Apache Way” – see
> •
> •
> Beyond that, Apache gives each Project a lot of choice in how they run and
> govern their own processes.  In most Projects, including Metron, there is a
> hierarchy of participation; see
> That document also describes how new committers are voted in.
> It’s important to note that code isn’t the only thing to contribute.
> Tests, test data, wiki entries, documentation edits, review comments, and
> helping out people on the mailing lists, are also highly valued
> contributions.  Under the Apache Way, it is equally important to make good
> contributions yourself, AND to build community by helping others make good
> contributions, and by interacting in a way that encourages others to
> participate.
> Finally, regarding your question about a mentoring program.  That refers
> to the way new Projects are brought in to Apache.  They have to start out
> as “podling projects” in the “incubator”, where they are assigned Mentors.
> These are experienced people, usually members of multiple Project PMCs
> and/or the Apache Foundation itself, who help the leaders of the new
> Project understand the Apache Way and implement recommended Apache best
> practices, regarding both code management and community building.  Metron
> is in fact still in the “podling” stage itself, which is why our web pages
> are at “” instead of “”.
> Does that mean there’s no Mentors for individual contributors? No!  The
> whole community is here, and as I said above, just as interested in growing
> the community as producing a great Metron project.  In fact, we believe the
> two goals are inextricably linked – that’s part of why projects seek out
> Apache membership.
> Hope this helps,
> --Matt
> From: Tyler Moore <>
> Reply-To: "" <
> Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at 11:42 AM
> To: "" <>
> Subject: Getting Started / Acquring a Mentor
> Hey Metron Devs,
> I wanted to introduce myself and see how I can contribute to the project
> and hopefully get some insight on the process to become a commiter.
> A little background on me, I have several years of enterprise support
> experience and recently transitioned to the dev community because as we all
> know its where the magic happens ;)
> I taught myself web-dev, mostly front-end although I have some experience
> with back-end technologies. I also work with Java, Python, V-Basic (only if
> requried) and of course batch and bash scripting. I develop on both linux
> an windows platforms and have experience with mac systems as well. I am
> very interested in security topics and security research along with machine
> learning, which is why this project peaked my interest. I currently work as
> a software engineer in Detroit, MI.
> I have been working with the Metron platform for a couple months now at my
> work, we've been implementing some data capture solutions already and
> starting to integrate that with Metron for analysis. Our goals are to
> implement an automated Metron solution for threat detection analysis at
> client networks and eventually expand the platform to include visual threat
> detection based on area of operation (monitoring through video surveillance
> feeds).
> I would like to know Apache's process to obtain committer status and what
> steps I should take to get there. Also I have seen mention in the wiki of a
> mentoring program but that wasn't explained anywhere in the documentation
> so if anyone has more information on that I would greatly appreciate it.
> Regards,
> Tyler Moore
> Software Engineer
> Flyball Labs
> --


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