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From "Yerex, Tom" <>
Subject RE: Development Activity has dropped to effectively 0, what should we do?
Date Thu, 23 Apr 2020 18:08:32 GMT
(This is only brainstorming.)

I like Metron's documentation. There has been effort and care taken there.

Ambari is nice, but given that mpack is moving behind a paywall then it seems that the groups
benefiting from the paywall can chip in to build Metron mpacks at their leisure.

Elasticsearch is popular so I can see an argument to keep it. On the flip side, Elastisearch
is not really trivial to run. Replacing that with a simple template that writes data to a
file as an example of how to write an IndexDAO (pardon if my terminology is incorrect), and
split Elasticsearch into another repo to be maintained by ELK enthusiasts would reduce the
core workload further.

Hbase might be another piece that can be put into another project and another simpler example
written that relies on something like SQLite could replace it. SQLite is relatively trivial
to set up and run.

Deployment in Ansible and maintaining the development build, with some work in documentation
on how to add modules like (as an example), Elasticsearch and Hbase for "bigger" development


On 2020-04-21 10:12:52-07:00 Otto Fowler wrote:

 I think the difference is the maintenance of the core of metron that *has*
to be, and other things that may still be done, but will be worked on for
their merits or by community need and not be required for everything

On April 21, 2020 at 10:29:24, Justin Leet ( wrote:

How we install depends on what we're choosing to keep around. My concern is
getting core Metron's scope down to a supportable level. This entire
conversation is probably just a thought experiment until we properly limit
the rest of our scope. It's putting the cart before the horse. I want to
emphasize this, because we're having a discussion about how to install
something that in many ways doesn't actually exist yet.

A lot of the install complexity comes from managing so many moving parts at
once (ES/Solr, the UI, Kerberos, etc.). If we cut that down, I'm not sure
we need a big installer to manage everything. Plenty of projects trust
people to be able to run convenience scripts and shell commands. Again, I
think this is an academic discussion until we figure out our overall
project direction.

On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 10:02 AM Nick Allen &lt;; wrote:

&amp;gt; Hi Tom -
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Do you or anyone have enough experience to judge if it is possible
&amp;gt; leverage Ansible as a replacement to deploy a working cluster?
&amp;gt; Yes, I worked a lot on the Ansible mechanism in the early days of Metron.
&amp;gt; This was the primary deployment mechanism before we had the Ambari MPack.
&amp;gt; We found it very difficult to use Ansible to create a one-size-fits-all
&amp;gt; deployment solution. It's possible, but very difficult to get a solution
&amp;gt; that doesn't take close monitoring and manual work arounds when
&amp;gt; to use it across environments of different sizes and shapes. In terms of
&amp;gt; usability, the Ambari MPack was a big step-up in my opinion.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; perhaps a dedicated docker image that is designed to connect with
&amp;gt; dockerized applications such as Storm, Kafka, etc..?
&amp;gt; Yes, I think that would be the way to go for a dev environment. We would
&amp;gt; able to use community supported containers for most of our underlying
&amp;gt; platform needs. Unfortunately, this alone would not help anyone deploy
&amp;gt; Metron on a cluster.
&amp;gt; On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 9:08 AM Yerex, Tom &lt;; wrote:
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Hi Nick,
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; I see there is a lot of work done using Ansible in the repository.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; or anyone have enough experience to judge if it is possible to leverage
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Ansible as a replacement to deploy a working cluster?
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Now that I am typing this out, I wonder if docker might be a solution
&amp;gt; that
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; would work? I don't have much experience with docker, perhaps a
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; docker image that is designed to connect with other dockerized
&amp;gt; applications
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; such as Storm, Kafka, etc..?
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; --Tom.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; ´╗┐On 2020-04-17, 11:27 AM, "Nick Allen" &lt;;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; This is a good discussion and one that I haven't fully grappled
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; in my
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; own mind yet. I'll have more to add, but I just want to chime in
&amp;gt; the
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; topic of Ambari at this point.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; ### Ambari and the Paywall
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; The problem with Ambari is that its installation mechanism requires
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; repository of compiled packages (RPMs, DEBs, etc.) To install the
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; underlying platform dependencies (like Kafka, HBase, Storm, Zk,
&amp;gt; we
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; relied on binary packages that were made freely available by
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Cloudera/Hortonworks. As of this past January, those packages are
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; behind a paywall.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Due to the paywall, installing your own HDP cluster with Ambari
&amp;gt; now
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; effectively dead. I am not sure if legacy versions of Kafka, HBase,
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Storm,
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; etc will continue to be freely available, but even if so, we cannot
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; continue to rely on this mechanism if new versions and security
&amp;gt; updates
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; will not be made available.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; The Apache Metron project does not publish compiled binaries or
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; packages
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; either. We do make the code freely available to allow users to build
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; and
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; publish their own Metron packages. But even with this capability,
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; unless
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; you have a means to install the underlying platform dependencies
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Ambari, installing Metron with Ambari has little value.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Unfortunately, I don't see a feasible path forward for Metron's
&amp;gt; Ambari
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; MPack.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; ### Dev Environment
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; This not only impacts the users of Apache Metron, this impacts
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; contributors
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; also. Our primary development environment relies on that Ambari
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; MPack. To
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; continue development on any of the components of Apache Metron,
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; would
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; need to build an alternative development environment that can
&amp;gt; function
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; despite the paywall. That could take many shapes, but in my opinion
&amp;gt; it
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; would be a blocker for continuing any development on Apache Metron,
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; unfortunately.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Please do let me know if anyone disagrees or can think of an
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; alternative
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; approach that would allow the current Ambari MPack to remain viable.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 4:34 PM Dima Kovalyov &lt;;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; wrote:
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; - Dropping Ambari.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; I like the progress that Apache did with Ambari in
2.7. And I don't
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; know a
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; better installer/manager for all the services (we use
other Hadoop
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; eco
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; services besides Metron).
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; Sometimes its buggy, agents get stuck or server needs
reboot from
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; time to
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; time, mpacks brake some functionality. But overall
I feel this is
&amp;gt; the
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; direction for central management and orchestration.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; - Dima
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; On Wed, Apr 15, 2020, 12:45 Justin Leet &lt;;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; wrote:
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; This is a bit off the top of my head,
but I'd I agree with pretty
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; much
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; all
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; of points on what's bringing a lot of
overhead. There's probably
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; also a
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; worthwhile discussion about what value
we're shooting for the
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; project to
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; provide to people that influences what
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; Thinking out loud a bit
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; - Dropping Storm and moving to Spark drops
the very hard to
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; tune/manage/troubleshoot Storm.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; - Dropping the UIs (and making SQL the
external interface)
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; pretty much
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; implies dropping the REST APIs and ES/Solr.
ES/Solr have been
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; a giant
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; source of dev heartache on the project
and they exist
&amp;gt; primarily
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; for
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; the
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; real time use case. People can build whatever
UIs or use
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; existing
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; tools
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; against Parquet/Hive/whatever.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; - Dropping Ambari. It's a complex beast
to install because of
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; how many
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; components we have. Dropping the above
makes our install much
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; easier
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; and
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; should alleviate the need for a complex
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; At that point, we're basically left with
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; - Some Spark for parse -&amp;gt; enrich
-&amp;gt; output
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; - The profiler
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; - Stellar
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; - Probably some other misc stuff (sensors,
bro kafka plugging,
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; etc.)
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; At a glance, that seems almost an order
of magnitude smaller than
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; what we
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; currently try to handle.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; I'm not really sure what an appropriate
way to handle the
&amp;gt; profiler
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; is.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; I've
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; barely touched the code for it, so I anything
I say is a vague
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; guess.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; On Wed, Apr 8, 2020 at 7:38 PM Yerex,
Tom &lt;;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; wrote:
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; To me Metron is big and broad
in the scope of technology
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; required to
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; get
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; it running. If things were
more modular that would go a long
&amp;gt; way
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; to
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; reducing the learning curve
or at least putting it into smaller
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; bites
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; (and
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; it might encourage more people
to get involved).
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; If the UI were an add-on
module in another project, it would
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; have made
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; it
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; easier for me and it could
also encourage my hypothetical buddy
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; who is
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; a
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; web developer expert to get
involved since he could focus on
&amp;gt; the
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; web-ui
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; module instead of trying
to tackle all the other pieces that
&amp;gt; are
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; probably
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; not part of his bailiwick.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; Stellar is very intriguing,
maybe that is not unique to Metron?
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; The
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; architecture of Metron with
respect to parsing, enriching,
&amp;gt; etc.,
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; makes
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; a
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; lot of sense to anyone I
talk with. These two aspects of Metron
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; seem
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; like
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; standout examples that make
for a powerful platform to develop
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; on.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; Thanks for continuing this
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; Tom.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; On 2020-04-08 15:32:46-07:00
Casey Stella wrote:
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; As far as I know there is
no minimum bar of development
&amp;gt; activity
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; to
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; keep
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; a
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; project open. I think we
would all be grateful for any
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; investment that
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; you
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; or your organization would
want to make.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; It also occurs to me that
your observation is absolutely spot
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; on: we
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; have
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; a LOT of moving parts.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; I see some deficiencies here:
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; * We depend on a lot of the
various hadoop ecosystem
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; projects and
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; they
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; have to work together very
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; * This makes for a system
that is hard to install.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; * This also makes for a system
which is hard to
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; tune/manage
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; * We have a large surface
area of coverage
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; * We have an installer, backend
system and front-end UI,
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; which
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; stretches our developers
a bit thin, especially since there
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; isn't even
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; interest in those systems
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; Perhaps a reconsideration
of the scope and technologies that we
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; use
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; would
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; be merited? If we were to
decide to, for instance:
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; * Consolidate scope: focus
on a viable backend/API rather
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; than a UI
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; * Consolidate technology:
reposition ourselves on top of
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Spark as a
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; consolidated streaming/batch
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; * Make SQL our external interface:
write out to parquet +
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; the Hive
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; metastore and let users pin
up presto tables or hive tables as
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; they see
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; fit
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; This might reduce some of
our surface area and make it more
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; viable to
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; get
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; started?
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; Anyway, just some thoughts.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; Casey
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; On Wed, Apr 8, 2020 at 6:20
PM Yerex, Tom &lt;; &amp;gt; &lt;mailto:&gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;;gt;&amp;gt; wrote:
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; Hi Casey,
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; I'm new here and new to contributing
to an open source project.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Thus
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; far
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; my contribution has been
questions, however the steep learning
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; curve
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; has
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; had me working to understand
all the moving parts for the last
&amp;gt; 18
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; months
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; and I see that as a big investment
by my organization.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; What is a level that would
be viable?
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; If my organization were to
contribute I don't know that it
&amp;gt; would
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; be
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; soon
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; enough or at the volume that
is recognized as viable, which is
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; why I
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; ask
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; the question.
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; On 2020-04-08 15:05:51-07:00
Casey Stella wrote:
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; Hi all,
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; When composing the board
report today, I realized that we have
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; effectively
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; had no development in the
last quarter on this project. Please
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; be
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; aware
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; that I say this without a
shred of blame or judgement
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; (especially so
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; considering I have not contributed
in a long time). That being
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; said, I
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; would like to pose the question
to the community:
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; Do we feel that this project
is viable? If so, how are we
&amp;gt; going
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; to
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; spur
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; new contributions? If not,
then should we begin the process to
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; fold
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; the
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; project?
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; Best,
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; Casey
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
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