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Message listThread · Author · Date [metron-bro-plugin-kafka] branch master updated: METRON-1911 Create Docker based test environment for Bro Kafka Plugin (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron-bro-plugin-kafka#21 Wed, 06 Feb, 14:26 [metron] branch master updated: METRON-1995 Arrow icon in date range selector moved to a wrong position (ruffle1986 via sardell) closes apache/metron#1332 Mon, 11 Feb, 11:02 [metron] branch master updated: METRON-1970 Add Metadata to Error Messages Generated During Parsing (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1325 Tue, 12 Feb, 17:18 [metron] branch master updated: METRON-1974 Batch Profiler Should Handle Errant Profiles Better (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1326 Tue, 12 Feb, 17:25 [metron] branch master updated: METRON-1985 Improve Error Handling When Cannot Connect to HBase (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1327 Tue, 12 Feb, 17:30 [metron-bro-plugin-kafka] branch master updated: METRON-1910 bro plugin segfaults on src/ (JonZeolla) closes apache/metron-bro-plugin-kafka#20 Wed, 13 Feb, 14:59 [metron-bro-plugin-kafka] branch master updated: METRON-1992 Support sending a log to multiple topics (JonZeolla) closes apache/metron-bro-plugin-kafka#23 Thu, 14 Feb, 14:26 [metron-bro-plugin-kafka] branch master updated: METRON-2000 Fix bro plugin docker line counting for BRO_COUNT (JonZeolla via jonzeolla) closes apache/metron-bro-plugin-kafka#24 Thu, 14 Feb, 14:28 [metron] branch master updated: METRON-1999 Adding validation against special characters to parser name field (tiborm via sardell) closes apache/metron#1337 Thu, 14 Feb, 16:03 [metron] branch master updated: METRON-1993 Stellar REST_GET should handle responses when content length is less than zero (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1331 Thu, 14 Feb, 16:43 [metron] branch master updated: METRON-1986 Batch Profiler Fails to Resolve Stats Stellar Functions (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1328 Thu, 14 Feb, 22:33 [metron-bro-plugin-kafka] branch master updated: METRON-2004 Bro plugin kafka workdir should be unspecified (JonZeolla via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron-bro-plugin-kafka#25 Fri, 15 Feb, 14:27 [metron] branch master updated: METRON-2007 Management UI not loading grok statements correctly (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1340 Tue, 19 Feb, 16:49 [metron] branch master updated: METRON-2005 Batch Writer writes 0-byte files to HDFS on rotation (justinleet) closes apache/metron#1338 Tue, 19 Feb, 19:09 [metron] branch master updated: METRON-2009 Address Javadoc checkstyle issues in metron-common (justinleet) closes apache/metron#1342 Wed, 20 Feb, 15:52 [metron] branch master updated: METRON-1998 Only one sensor is flushed by tick tuple (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1335 Wed, 20 Feb, 22:12 [metron] branch master updated: METRON-2010 Unable to Build Metron Due to Inaccessible Repository (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1343 Thu, 21 Feb, 21:45 [metron] branch master updated: METRON-1944 Unable to Delete a Comment in Alerts UI (ruffle1986 via sardell) closes apache/metron#1307 Mon, 25 Feb, 09:41 [metron-bro-plugin-kafka] branch master updated: METRON-1990 Bro plugin docker should exit nonzero if it encounters issues (JonZeolla) closes apache/metron-bro-plugin-kafka#28 Mon, 25 Feb, 13:15 [metron] branch master updated: METRON-1996 Solr search throws NPE for group search if the group parameter is null or empty (MohanDV via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1333 Tue, 26 Feb, 16:21 [metron] branch master updated: METRON-1778 Out-of-order timestamps may delay flush in Storm Profiler (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1197 Tue, 26 Feb, 19:34 [metron] branch master updated: METRON-1968 Messages are lost when a parser produces multiple messages and batch size is greater than 1 (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1330 Tue, 26 Feb, 19:37 [metron-bro-plugin-kafka] branch master updated: METRON-2017 The Bro plugin docker data processing script incorrectly runs bro (JonZeolla via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron-bro-plugin-kafka#30 Thu, 28 Feb, 17:28 [metron-bro-plugin-kafka] branch master updated: METRON-1991 Bro plugin docker scripts should exit nonzero when bro and kafka counts differ (JonZeolla via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron-bro-plugin-kafka#29 Thu, 28 Feb, 18:56 [metron-bro-plugin-kafka] branch master updated: METRON-2020 Running with docker give warning if bash < 4.0 (JonZeolla via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron-bro-plugin-kafka#31 Thu, 28 Feb, 20:08 [metron-bro-plugin-kafka] branch master updated: METRON-2013 The bro plugin docker script' s topic name should be configurable (JonZeolla via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron-bro-plugin-kafka#27 Thu, 28 Feb, 21:38
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