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Subject metron git commit: METRON-1855: Make unified enrichment topology the default and deprecate split-join (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#1252
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2018 23:31:23 GMT
Repository: metron
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/master fdfca3b26 -> bf6b07f7c

METRON-1855: Make unified enrichment topology the default and deprecate split-join (mmiklavc
via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#1252


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: bf6b07f7cbea3d210878554c7ce7a1bc091b59ee
Parents: fdfca3b
Author: mmiklavc <>
Authored: Mon Nov 5 16:30:43 2018 -0700
Committer: Michael Miklavcic <>
Committed: Mon Nov 5 16:30:43 2018 -0700

----------------------------------------------------------------------                                    | 17 ++++++++
 .../configuration/metron-enrichment-env.xml     |  8 ++--
 .../METRON/CURRENT/themes/metron_theme.json     | 12 +++---
 metron-platform/     |  6 ++-
 metron-platform/metron-enrichment/     | 43 +++++++++-----------
 .../main/scripts/   |  4 +-
 6 files changed, 54 insertions(+), 36 deletions(-)
diff --git a/ b/
index 2124ac5..a0dd5d3 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -19,6 +19,23 @@ limitations under the License.
 This document constitutes a per-version listing of changes of
 configuration which are non-backwards compatible.
+## 0.6.0 to 0.6.1
+### [METRON-1855: Make unified enrichment topology the default and deprecate split-join](
+The unified enrichment topology will be the new default in this release,
+and the split-join enrichment topology is now considered deprecated.
+If you wish to keep the deprecated split-join enrichment topology,
+you will need to make the following changes:
+* In Ambari > Metron > Config > Enrichment set the enrichment_topology setting to
+* If running `` manually, pass in the parameters to start the
Split-Join topology as follows
+    ```
+    $METRON_HOME/bin/ --remote $METRON_HOME/flux/enrichment/remote-splitjoin.yaml
--filter $METRON_HOME/config/
+    ```
+* Restart the enrichment topology
 ## 0.4.2 to 0.5.0
 ### [METRON-941: native PaloAlto parser corrupts message when having a comma in the payload](
diff --git a/metron-deployment/packaging/ambari/metron-mpack/src/main/resources/common-services/METRON/CURRENT/configuration/metron-enrichment-env.xml
index b41c455..69dce3f 100644
--- a/metron-deployment/packaging/ambari/metron-mpack/src/main/resources/common-services/METRON/CURRENT/configuration/metron-enrichment-env.xml
+++ b/metron-deployment/packaging/ambari/metron-mpack/src/main/resources/common-services/METRON/CURRENT/configuration/metron-enrichment-env.xml
@@ -165,17 +165,17 @@
-    <description>Which Enrichment topology to execute</description>
-    <value>Split-Join</value>
+    <description>Which Enrichment topology to execute. Note: Split-Join is deprecated
in favor of the Unified topology.</description>
+    <value>Unified</value>
     <display-name>Enrichment Topology</display-name>
-          <value>Split-Join</value>
+          <value>Unified</value>
-          <value>Unified</value>
+          <value>Split-Join</value>
diff --git a/metron-deployment/packaging/ambari/metron-mpack/src/main/resources/common-services/METRON/CURRENT/themes/metron_theme.json
index 1d7b6c5..46c06dd 100644
--- a/metron-deployment/packaging/ambari/metron-mpack/src/main/resources/common-services/METRON/CURRENT/themes/metron_theme.json
+++ b/metron-deployment/packaging/ambari/metron-mpack/src/main/resources/common-services/METRON/CURRENT/themes/metron_theme.json
@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@
-                  "name": "section-enrichment-splitjoin",
+                  "name": "section-enrichment-unified",
                   "row-index": "3",
                   "column-index": "0",
                   "row-span": "1",
@@ -134,8 +134,8 @@
                   "section-rows": "1",
                   "subsections": [
-                      "name": "subsection-enrichment-splitjoin",
-                      "display-name": "Split Join Topology",
+                      "name": "subsection-enrichment-unified",
+                      "display-name": "Unified Topology",
                       "row-index": "0",
                       "column-index": "0",
                       "row-span": "1",
@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@
-                  "name": "section-enrichment-unified",
+                  "name": "section-enrichment-splitjoin",
                   "row-index": "4",
                   "column-index": "0",
                   "row-span": "1",
@@ -153,8 +153,8 @@
                   "section-rows": "1",
                   "subsections": [
-                      "name": "subsection-enrichment-unified",
-                      "display-name": "Unified Topology",
+                      "name": "subsection-enrichment-splitjoin",
+                      "display-name": "Split Join Topology",
                       "row-index": "0",
                       "column-index": "0",
                       "row-span": "1",
diff --git a/metron-platform/ b/metron-platform/
index bfc36dd..2e976e9 100644
--- a/metron-platform/
+++ b/metron-platform/
@@ -188,9 +188,11 @@ See more detail on starting parsers [here](
+__Note__ These recommendations are based on the deprecated split-join enrichment topology.
See [Enrichment Performance](metron-enrichment/ for tuning recommendations
for the new default unified enrichment topology.
 This is a mapping of the various performance tuning properties for enrichments and how they
are materialized.
-Flux file found here - $METRON_HOME/flux/enrichment/remote.yaml
+Flux file found here - $METRON_HOME/flux/enrichment/remote-splitjoin.yaml
 _Note 1:_ Changes to Flux file properties that are managed by Ambari will render Ambari unable
to further manage the property.
@@ -458,6 +460,8 @@ usage:
 ### Enrichment Tuning
+__Note__ These tuning suggestions are based on the deprecated split-join topology.
 We landed on the same number of partitions for enrichemnt and indexing as we did for bro
- 48.
 For configuring Storm, there is a flux file and properties file that we modified. Here are
the settings we changed for bro in Flux.
diff --git a/metron-platform/metron-enrichment/ b/metron-platform/metron-enrichment/
index 8a53e71..c72970f 100644
--- a/metron-platform/metron-enrichment/
+++ b/metron-platform/metron-enrichment/
@@ -31,36 +31,22 @@ data format (e.g. a JSON Map structure with `original_message` and
 ## Enrichment Architecture
+![Unified Architecture](unified_enrichment_arch.svg)
 ### Unified Enrichment Topology
-There is an experimental unified enrichment topology which is shipped.
-Currently the architecture, as described above, has a split/join in
-order to perform enrichments in parallel.  This poses some issues in
-terms of ease of tuning and reasoning about performance.  
-In order to deal with these issues, there is an alternative enrichment topology which
-uses data parallelism as opposed to the split/join task parallelism.
-This architecture uses a worker pool to fully enrich any message within 
-a worker.  This results in 
+The unified enrichment topology uses data parallelism as opposed to the deprecated
+split/join topology's task parallelism. This architecture uses a worker pool to fully
+enrich any message within a worker.  This results in
 * Fewer bolts in the topology 
 * Each bolt fully operates on a message.
 * Fewer network hops
-![Unified Architecture](unified_enrichment_arch.svg)
-This architecture is fully backwards compatible; the only difference is
-how the enrichment will operate on each message (in one bolt where the
-split/join is done in a threadpool as opposed
+This architecture is fully backwards compatible with the old split-join
+topology; the only difference is how the enrichment will operate on each
+message (in one bolt where the split/join is done in a threadpool as opposed
 to split across multiple bolts).
-#### Using It
-In order to use this, you will need to 
-* Edit `$METRON_HOME/bin/` and adjust it to use `remote-unified.yaml`
instead of `remote.yaml`
-* Restart the enrichment topology.
 #### Configuring It
 There are two parameters which you might want to tune in this topology.
@@ -76,6 +62,19 @@ intel bolt, the configurations will be taken from the respective join bolt
 parallelism.  When proper ambari support for this is added, we will add
 its own property.
+### Split-Join Enrichment Topology
+The now-deprecated split/join topology is also available and performs enrichments in parallel.
+This poses some issues in terms of ease of tuning and reasoning about performance.
+#### Using It
+In order to use the older, deprecated topology, you will need to
+* Edit `$METRON_HOME/bin/` and adjust it to use `remote-splitjoin.yaml`
instead of `remote-unified.yaml`
+* Restart the enrichment topology.
 ## Enrichment Configuration
 The configuration for the `enrichment` topology, the topology primarily
@@ -85,7 +84,6 @@ defined by JSON documents stored in zookeeper.
 There are two types of configurations at the moment, `global` and
 `sensor` specific.  
 ## Global Configuration 
 There are a few enrichments which have independent configurations, such
@@ -134,7 +132,6 @@ The configuration is a complex JSON object with the following top level
 ### The `enrichment` Configuration
 | Field            | Description                                                        
                                                                | Example                
 | `fieldToTypeMap` | In the case of a simple HBase enrichment (i.e. a key/value lookup),
the mapping between fields and the enrichment types associated with those fields must be known.
 This enrichment type is used as part of the HBase key. Note: applies to hbaseEnrichment only.
| `"fieldToTypeMap" : { "ip_src_addr" : [ "asset_enrichment" ] }`  |
diff --git a/metron-platform/metron-enrichment/src/main/scripts/
index 77c3a77..d3ed8ad 100755
--- a/metron-platform/metron-enrichment/src/main/scripts/
+++ b/metron-platform/metron-enrichment/src/main/scripts/
@@ -20,11 +20,11 @@ METRON_VERSION=${project.version}
-# there are two enrichment topologies.  by default, the split-join enrichment topology is
+# There are two enrichment topologies. By default, the unified enrichment topology is executed.
Split-join is now deprecated.
 SPLIT_JOIN_ARGS="--remote $METRON_HOME/flux/enrichment/remote-splitjoin.yaml --filter $METRON_HOME/config/"
 UNIFIED_ARGS="--remote $METRON_HOME/flux/enrichment/remote-unified.yaml --filter $METRON_HOME/config/"
 # by passing in different args, the user can execute an alternative enrichment topology
 storm jar $METRON_HOME/lib/$TOPOLOGY_JAR org.apache.storm.flux.Flux $ARGS

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