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Subject svn commit: r27066 [2/4] - /dev/metron/0.5.0-RC1/
Date Wed, 23 May 2018 20:29:00 GMT

Added: dev/metron/0.5.0-RC1/CHANGES
--- dev/metron/0.5.0-RC1/CHANGES (added)
+++ dev/metron/0.5.0-RC1/CHANGES Wed May 23 20:29:00 2018
@@ -0,0 +1,887 @@
+    METRON-1575 Add leet gpg public key to the KEYS file (justinleet) closes apache/metron#1028
+    METRON-1574 Update version to 0.5.0 (justinleet) closes apache/metron#1026
+    METRON-1566 Alert updates are not propagated to metaalert child alerts (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1018
+    METRON-1565 Metaalerts fix denormalization after moving to active status (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1017
+    METRON-1548 Remove hardcoded source:type from Alerts UI (justinleet) closes apache/metron#1010
+    METRON-1548 Remove hardcoded source:type from Alerts UI (sardell via justinleet) closes apache/metron#1010
+    METRON-1564 Full dev kafka has offsets.topic.replication.factor set to 3 instead of 1 (justinleet) closes apache/metron#1016
+    METRON-1552: Add gzip file validation check to the geo loader (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#1011
+    METRON-1551 Profiler Should Not Use Java Serialization (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1012
+    METRON-1549: Add empty object test to WriterBoltIntegrationTest implementation (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#1009
+    METRON-1541 Mvn clean results in git status having deleted files. (justinleet via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1003
+    METRON-1461 MIN MAX stellar function should take a stats or list object and return min/max (MohanDV via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#942
+    METRON-1184 EC2 Deployment - Updating control_path to accommodate for Linux (Ahmed Shah via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#754
+    METRON-1530 Default proxy config settings in metron-contrib need to be updated (sardell via merrimanr) closes apache/metron#998
+    METRON-1545 Upgrade Spring and Spring Boot (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#1008
+    METRON-1543 Unable to Set Parser Output Topic in Sensor Config (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#1007
+    METRON-1539: Specialized RENAME field transformer closes apache/incubator-metron#1002
+    METRON-1520: Add caching for stellar field transformations closes apache/incubator-metron#990
+    METRON-1529 CONFIG_GET Fails to Retrieve Latest Config When Run in Zeppelin REPL (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#997
+    METRON-1511 Unable to Serialize Profiler Configuration (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#982
+    METRON-1528: Fix missing file in metron.spec (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#996
+    METRON-1445: Update performance tuning guide with more explicit parameter instructions (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#988
+    METRON-1502 Upgrade Doxia plugin to 1.8 (justinleet) closes apache/metron#974
+    METRON-1527: Remove dead test file sitting in source folder (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#994
+    METRON-1499 Enable Configuration of Unified Enrichment Topology via Ambari (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#984
+    METRON-1515: Errors loading stellar functions currently bomb the entire topology, they should be recoverable closes apache/incubator-metron#985
+    METRON-1522 Fix the typo errors at profile debugger readme  (MohanDV via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#992
+    METRON-1519 Indexing Error Topic Property Not Displayed in MPack (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#987
+    METRON-1347: Indexing Topology should fail tuples without a source.type (cstella via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#863
+    METRON-1521: JSONMapParser is no longer serializable closes apache/incubator-metron#991
+    METRON-1516 Support for Ansible 2.5.0 (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#989
+    METRON-1494 Profiler Emits Messages to Kafka When Not Needed (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#967
+    METRON-1510 Update Metron website to include info about github update subscription (anandsubbu) closes apache/metron#981
+    METRON-1518 Build Failure When Using Profile HDP- (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#986
+    METRON-1465:Support for Elasticsearch X-pack (wardbekker via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#946
+    METRON-1504: Enriching missing values does not match the semantics between the new enrichment topology and old closes apache/incubator-metron#976
+    METRON-1505 Intermittent Profiler Integration Test Failure (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#977
+    METRON-1449 Set Zookeeper URL for Stellar Running in Zeppelin Notebook (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#931
+    METRON-1462: Separate ES and Kibana from Metron Mpack (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#943
+    METRON-1501 Parser messages that fail to validate are dropped silently (cestella via justinleet) closes apache/metron#972
+    METRON-1497 Rest endpoint '/api/v1/search/search' needs to handle null when elastic search response return null for getAggregations (MohanDV via justinleet) closes apache/metron#968
+    METRON-1500 Enhance 'prepare-commit' to Support Feature Branches (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#971
+    METRON-1491: The indexing topology restart logic is wrong (cstella via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#964
+    METRON-590 Enable Use of Event Time in Profiler (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#965
+    METRON-1483: Create a tool to monitor performance of the topologies closes apache/incubator-metron#958
+    METRON-1487 Define Performance Benchmarks for Enrichment Topology (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#961
+    METRON-1493 Unhelpful Error Message When Assignment Expressions Fail (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#966
+    METRON-1397 Support for JSON Path and complex documents in JSONMapParser closes apache/incubator-metron#914
+    METRON-1299 In MetronError tests, don't test for HostName if getHostName wouldn't work closes apache/incubator-metron#924
+    METRON-1485 Upgrade vagrant for dev environments closes apache/incubator-metron#959
+    METRON-1488: user_settings hbase table does not have acls set up for kerberos closes apache/metron#962
+    METRON-1490: Better error message when user specifies an enrichment type that doesn't exist closes apache/metron#963
+    METRON-1468 Add support for apache/metron-bro-plugin-kafka to prepare-commit (JonZeolla) closes apache/metron#948
+    METRON-1471: Migrate shuffle connections to local or shuffle closes apache/metron#949
+    METRON-1467: Replace guava caches in places where the keyspace might be large closes apache/metron#947
+    METRON-1463: Adjust the groupings and shuffles in enrichment to be more efficient closes apache/metron#944
+    METRON-1460: Create a complementary non-split-join enrichment topology closes apache/metron#940
+    METRON-1470 Update jquery to version 3+ (xyztdanid via merrimanr) closes apache/metron#950
+    METRON-1450 Add REST endpoint docs for index topology split (MohanDV via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#936
+    METRON-1337 List of facets should not be hardcoded (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#853
+    METRON-1452 Rebase Dev Environment on Latest CentOS 6 (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#933
+    METRON-1457 Move ASF links to main page in the Metron website (anandsubbu) closes apache/metron#938
+    METRON-1394 Create Rest endpoint to add the ACL for current user to kafka topics  (MohanDV via merrimanr) closes apache/metron#895
+    METRON-941 native PaloAlto parser corrupts message when having a comma in the payload (ctramnitz via justinleet) closes apache/metron#579
+    METRON-1386: Fix Metron Website Required Links closes apache/incubator-metron#935
+    METRON-1455: Patch and Replace methods in the REST UpdateController return 400 this closes apache/incubator-metron#937
+    METRON-1318 Update MacOS Instructions for AWS (wardbekker via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#930
+    METRON-1451 On Centos full dev, Metron Indexing shows up as stopped (anandsubbu via merrimanr) closes apache/metron#932
+    METRON-1444: Add Ubuntu Repositories for Elasticsearch to the Mpack (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#928
+    METRON-1273: Website documentation link should point to the current site-book (JonZeolla via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#812
+    METRON-1447 Heap Size Not Set Correctly by MPack for ES 5.x (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#927
+    METRON-1446: Fix openjdk issue with Ubuntu (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#926
+    METRON-1442: Split rest end points for indexing topology into random access indexing and batch indexing this closes apache/incubator-metron#923
+    METRON-1443 Missing Critical MPack Install Instruction for Ubuntu (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#925
+    METRON-1438 STELLAR: Move shell functions to common from metron-management (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#920
+    METRON-1435 Management UI cannot save json objects in advanced config (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#917
+    METRON-1439 Turn off git pager in platform-info script (justinleet) closes apache/metron#919
+    METRON-1091 STELLAR Shell: Stand Alone installation (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#690
+    METRON-1427: Add support for storm 1.1 and hdp 2.6 (cstella via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#907
+    METRON-1391 Typos in Documentation/Examples within metron-management/ (havran via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#890
+    METRON-1389 Zeppelin notebook import does not work with Ambari 2.6 (anandsubbu) closes apache/metron#888
+    METRON-1432 JDK Install Fails on Ubuntu Development Environment  (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#913
+    METRON-1431 Add REGEXP_REPLACE function to Stellar (havran via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#912
+    METRON-1410 Some more upgrade fallout... Can't restart Metron Indexing. (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#901
+    METRON-1370 Create Full Dev Equivalent for Ubuntu (nickwallen via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#903
+    METRON-1430: Isolate jackson from being used as arguments or returns from JSONUtils closes apache/metron#910
+    METRON-1398 Exclude the basic-error-controller from being added to the swagger description (MohanDV via merrimanr) closes apache/metron#898
+    METRON-1392 Fix a test case to expect an Exception when replication factor more than number of brokers while creating topic (MohanDV via merrimanr) closes apache/metron#892
+    METRON-1413 Add Metron Commit Tool (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#902
+    METRON-1429 SearchIntegrationTest refactor (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#909
+    METRON-1426: SensorIndexingConfigControllerIntegrationTest fails intermittently closes apache/metron#906
+    METRON-1417: Disable pcap-service by default in Monit (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#905
+    METRON-1400: Elasticsearch service check fails in Ambari (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#904
+    METRON-1428: Travis build failing from metron-config (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#908
+    METRON-1302: Split up Indexing Topology into batch and random access sections closes apache/incubator-metron#831
+    METRON-1395 Documentation missing for Produce a message to a Kafka topic Rest API endpoint (MohanDV via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#897
+    METRON-1411 Fix sed command in (justinleet) closes apache/metron#900
+    METRON-1326: Metron deploy with Kerberos fails on Ambari 2.5 during ES service stop (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#894
+    METRON-1380: Create a typosquatting use-case closes apache/incubator-metron#882
+    METRON-1230: As a stopgap prior to METRON-777, add more simplistic sideloading of custom Parsers closes apache/incubator-metron#785
+    METRON-1378: Create a summarizer closes apache/incubator-metron#879
+    METRON-1231 Separate Sensor name and topic in the Management UI (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#786
+    METRON-1382 Run Stellar in a Zeppelin Notebook (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#884
+    METRON-1396 Fix .gitignore files to not ignore themselves (justinleet) closes apache/metron#896
+    METRON-1366: Add an entropy stellar function (cstella via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#872
+    METRON-1390: Swagger UI for "Web Security Config" Controller needs request method (MohanDV via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#889
+    METRON-1393: Fix bro Elasticsearch template (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#893
+    METRON-1379: Add an OBJECT_GET stellar function closes apache/incubator-metron#880
+    METRON-939: Upgrade ElasticSearch and Kibana (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#840
+    METRON-1377: Stellar function to generate typosquatted domains (similar to dnstwist) closes apache/incubator-metron#878
+    METRON-1385 Missing "properties" in index template causes ElasticsearchColumnMetadataDao.getColumnMetadata to fail (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#886
+    METRON-1388 update public web site to point at 0.4.2 new release (mattf-horton) closes apache/metron#887
+    METRON-1362 Improve Metron Deployment README (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#869
+    METRON-1384 Increment master version number to 0.4.3 for on-going development (mattf-horton via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#885
+    METRON-1381 Add Apache license to MD files and remove the Rat exclusion (justinleet) closes apache/metron#883
+    METRON-1071 Create (justinleet) closes apache/metron#881
+    METRON-1373 RAT failure for metron-interface/metron-alerts (mattf-horton) closes apache/metron#875
+    METRON-1351 Create Installable Packages for Ubuntu Trusty (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#868
+    METRON-1376 RC Check Script should have named parameters (ottobackwards via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#877
+    METRON-1365: Allow PROFILE_GET to return a default value for a profile and entity that does not have a value written. closes apache/incubator-metron#871
+    METRON-1348 Metron Service Checks Use Wrong Hostname (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#864
+    METRON-1350: Add reservoir sampling functions to Stellar closes apache/incubator-metron#867
+    METRON-1374 Script the RC checking process (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#876
+    METRON-1372 Validate JIRA for Releases (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#874
+    METRON-1345: Update EC2 README for custom Ansible (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#859
+    METRON-1349 Full Dev Builds Metron Twice (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#866
+    METRON-1343 Swagger UI for User Controller needs request method (MohanDV via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#862
+    METRON-1306: When index template install fails, we should fail the install closes apache/incubator-metron#834
+    METRON-1341 Projection FieldTransformation (simonellistonball via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#861
+    METRON-1313 Update metron-deployment to use bro-pkg to install the kafka plugin (JonZeolla) closes apache/metron#847
+    METRON-1346 Add new PMC members to web site (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#860
+    METRON-1336 Patching Can Result in Bad Configuration (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#851
+    METRON-1335 Install metron-maas-service RPM as a part of the full-dev deployment (anandsubbu via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#850
+    METRON-1308 Fix Metron Documentation (JonZeolla) closes apache/metron#836
+    METRON-1338 Rat Check Should Ignore Vagrant Retry Files (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#855
+    METRON-1286 Add MIN & MAX Stellar functions (jasper-k via justinleet) closes apache/metron#823
+    METRON-1334 Add C++11 Compliance Check to (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#849
+    METRON-1277 Add match statement to Stellar language closes apache/incubator-metron#814
+    METRON-1239 Drop extra dev environments (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#852
+    METRON-1328 Enhance script to check if docker daemon is running  (anandsubbu via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#846
+    METRON-1333 Ansible-Docker can no longer build metron (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#848
+    METRON-1252 Build UI for grouping alerts into meta-alerts (iraghumitra via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#803
+    METRON-1316 Fastcapa Fails to Compile in Test Environment (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#841
+    METRON-1088 Upgrade bro to 2.5.2 (JonZeolla) closes apache/metron#844
+    METRON-1319 Column Metadata REST service should use default indices on empty input (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#843
+    METRON-1321 Metaalert Threat Score Type Does Not Match Sensor Indices (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#845
+    METRON-1301 Alerts UI - Sorting on Triage Score Unexpectedly Filters Some Records (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#832
+    METRON-1294 IP addresses are not formatted correctly in facet and group results (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#827
+    METRON-1291 Kafka produce REST endpoint does not work in a Kerberized cluster (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#826
+    METRON-1290 Only first 10 alerts are update when a MetaAlert status is changed to inactive (justinleet) closes apache/metron#842
+    METRON-1311 Service Check Should Check Elasticsearch Index Templates (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#839
+    METRON-1289 Alert fields are lost when a MetaAlert is created (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#824
+    METRON-1309 Change metron-deployment to pull the plugin from apache/metron-bro-plugin-kafka (JonZeolla) closes apache/metron#837
+    METRON-1310 Template Delete Action Deletes Search Indices (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#838
+    METRON-1275: Fix Metron Documentation closes apache/incubator-metron#833
+    METRON-1295 Unable to Configure Logging for REST API (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#828
+    METRON-1307 Force install of java8 since java9 does not appear to work with the scripts (brianhurley via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#835
+    METRON-1296 Full Dev Fails to Deploy Index Templates (nickwallen via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#829
+    METRON-1281 Remove hard-coded indices from the Alerts UI (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#821
+    METRON-1287 Full Dev Fails When Installing EPEL Repository (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#820
+    METRON-1267 Alerts UI returns a 404 when refreshing the alerts-list page (iraghumitra via merrimanr) closes apache/metron#819
+    METRON-1283 Install Elasticsearch template as a part of the mpack startup scripts (anandsubbu via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#817
+    METRON-1254: Conditionals as map keys do not function in Stellar closes apache/incubator-metron#801
+    METRON-1261 Apply bro security patch (JonZeolla via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#805
+    METRON-1284 Remove extraneous dead query in ElasticsearchDao (justinleet) closes apache/metron#818
+    METRON-1270: fix for warnings missing @return tag argument in metron-analytics/metron-profiler-common and metron-profiler-client closes apache/incubator-metron#810
+    METRON-1272 Hide child alerts from searches and grouping if they belong to meta alerts (justinleet) closes apache/metron#811
+    METRON-1224 Add time range selection to search control (iraghumitra via james-sirota) closes apache/metron#796
+    METRON-1280 0.4.1 -> 0.4.2 missed a couple of projects (cestella via justinleet) closes apache/metron#816
+    METRON-1243: Add a REST endpoint which allows us to get a list of all indice closes apache/incubator-metron#797
+    METRON-1196 Increment master version number to 0.4.2 for on-going development (mattf-horton) closes apache/metron#767
+    METRON-1278 Strip "Build Status" widget from root in site-book build (mattf-horton) closes apache/metron#815
+    METRON-1274 Master has failure in StormControllerIntegrationTest (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#813
+    METRON-1266 Profiler - SASL Authentication Failed (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#809
+    METRON-1260 Include Alerts UI in Ambari Service Check (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#804
+    METRON-1251: Typo and formatting fixes for metron-rest README closes apache/incubator-metron#800
+    METRON-1241: Enable the REST API to use a cache for the zookeeper config similar to the Bolts closes apache/incubator-metron#795
+    METRON-1267 Alerts UI returns a 404 when refreshing the alerts-list page (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#808
+    METRON-1262 Unable to add comment for a alert in a meta-alert (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#806
+    METRON-1263 Start Alerts UI service after Metron REST (anandsubbu via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#807
+    METRON-1255 MetaAlert search is not filtering on status (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#802
+    METRON-1249 Improve Metron MPack Service Checks (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#799
+    METRON-1237 address javadoc warnings in metron-maas-common (dbist via james-sirota) closes apache/metron#792
+    METRON-1240 address javadoc warnings in metron-platform and metron-analytics (dbist via james-sirota) closes apache/metron#794
+    METRON-1226 Searching Can Errantly Query the Wrong Indices (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#793
+    METRON-1081 Fix Alerts and Ops UI Notices file (james-sirota) closes apache/metron#682
+    METRON-1123 Add group by option using faceted search capabilities of metron-rest-api (iraghumitra via james-sirota) closes apache/metron#768
+    METRON-1223 Add support to add comments for alerts (iraghumitra via james-sirota) closes apache/metron#788
+    METRON-1083 Add filters using faceted search capabilities of metron-rest-api (iraghumitra via james-sirota) closes apache/metron#710
+    METRON-1232 Alert status changes are not reflected in list view (iraghumitra via merrimanr) closes apache/metron#787
+    METRON-1247 REST search and findOne endpoints return unexpected or incorrect results for guids (justinleet) closes apache/metron#798
+    METRON-1235: Document the properties pulled from the global configuration closes apache/incubator-metron#791
+    METRON-1234: fix for WARNING 'dependencies.dependency.(groupId:artifactId:type:classifier)' must be unique: org.apache.hadoop:hadoop-yarn-api:jar (dbist via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#790
+    METRON-1222: fix warning for The expression ${parent.version} is deprecated. Please use ${project.parent.version} instead. (dbist via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#782
+    METRON-1220 Create documentation around alert nested field (justinleet) closes apache/metron#780
+    METRON-1229 Management UI type is part of the declarations of 2 modules (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#784
+    METRON-1228: Configuration Management PUSH immediately does DUMP after (mmiklavc via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#783
+    METRON-1218 Metron REST should return better error messages (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#779
+    METRON-1161 Add ability to edit parser command line options in the management UI (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#737
+    METRON-1209: Make stellar repl take logging properties, like other CLI apps in metron closes apache/incubator-metron#772
+    METRON-1059 address checkstyle warning AvoidStarImport in metron-stellar (dbist via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#664
+    METRON-1204 UI does not time out after being idle, but stops functioning (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#771
+    METRON-1052: Add forensic similarity hash functions to Stellar closes apache/incubator-metron#781
+    METRON-632: Added validation of "shew.enrichmentType" and "shew.keyColumns" closes apache/incubator-metron#732
+    METRON-1194 Add Profiler Debug Functions to Profiler README (nickwallen via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#765
+    METRON-1055 Metron 0.4.0 manual installation guide for CentOS 6 updates (lvets via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#661
+    METRON-1079 STELLAR NaN should be a keyword (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#681
+    METRON-1085 Add REST endpoint to save a user profile for the Alerts UI (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#694
+    METRON-1208 MPack for Alerts UI (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#778
+    METRON-1207 Make RPMs for Alerts UI (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#777
+    METRON-1215 Fix link to RPMs chapter (DimDroll via justinleet) closes apache/metron#776
+    METRON-1206 Make alerts UI conform to ops UI for install (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#773
+    METRON-1195 Meta alerts improperly handle updates to non-alert fields (justinleet) closes apache/metron#766
+    METRON-1189 Add alert escalation to the Alerts UI (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#762
+    METRON-1156 Simulate Triage Rules in the Stellar REPL (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#733
+    METRON-1198 Pycapa - No such configuration property 'sasl.kerberos.principal' (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#769
+    METRON-1202 ElasticsearchDao Has extraneous sleep call (justinleet) closes apache/metron#770
+    METRON-938 "service metron-rest start <password>" does not work on CentOS 7. (justinleet) closes apache/metron#757
+    METRON-1182 Refactor Code in alert list to accommodate new view types (iraghumitra via merrimanr) closes apache/metron#756
+    METRON-1188: Ambari global configuration management (mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#760
+    METRON-1191 update public web site to point at 0.4.1 new release (mattf-horton) closes apache/metron#764
+    METRON-1063 address javadoc warnings in metron-stellar (dbist via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#668
+    METRON-1190 Fix Meta Alert Type handling in calculation of scores (justinleet) closes apache/metron#763
+    METRON-1187 Indexing/Profiler Kafka ACL Groups Not Setup Correctly (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#759
+    METRON-1185: Stellar REPL does not work on a kerberized cluster when calling functions interacting with HBase closes apache/incubator-metron#755
+    METRON-1186: Profiler Functions use classutils from shaded storm closes apache/incubator-metron#758
+    METRON-1173: Fix pointers to old stellar docs closes apache/incubator-metron#746
+    METRON-1179: Make STATS_ADD to take a list closes apache/incubator-metron#750
+    METRON-1180: Make Stellar Shell accept zookeeper quorum as a CSV list and not require a port closes apache/incubator-metron#751
+    METRON-1183 Improve KDC Setup Instructions (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#753
+    METRON-1177 Stale running topologies seen post-kerberization and cause exceptions (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#748
+    METRON-1158 Build backend for grouping alerts into meta alerts (justinleet) closes apache/metron#734
+    METRON-1146: Add ability to parse JSON string into JSONObject for stellar closes apache/incubator-metron#727
+    METRON-1176 REST: HDFS Service should support setting permissions on files when writing (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#749
+    METRON-1114 Add group by capabilities to search REST endpoint (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#702
+    METRON-1167 Define Session Specific Global Configuration Values in the REPL (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#740
+    METRON-1171: Better validation for the SUBSTRING stellar function closes apache/incubator-metron#745
+    METRON-1169: dependency checker has not been running in travis closes apache/incubator-metron#744
+    METRON-1153 HDFS HdfsWriter never recovers from exceptions closes apache/incubator-metron#741
+    METRON-1163 RAT failures for metron-interface/metron-alerts closes apache/incubator-metron#743
+    METRON-1168: Add SUBSTRING method to stellar this closes apache/incubator-metron#742
+    METRON-1077 Use column meta data end point in alerts ui (iraghumitra via merrimanr) closes apache/metron#700
+    METRON-1162 Apply Live Messages to the Profile Debugger (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#736
+    METRON-1166: Stellar short circuiting fails when a complex condition using a boolean op is followed by the opposite boolean op this closes apache/incubator-metron#738
+    METRON-1150 REST parseMessage endpoint fails with Unable to load &lt;grok file&gt; from either classpath or HDFS (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#729
+    METRON-1151: Grok patterns in HDFS should be owned by metron this closes apache/incubator-metron#730
+    METRON-1142: Add Geo Hashing functions to stellar closes apache/incubator-metron#724
+    METRON-1160 Blueprint configuration validation failed: Missing required properties (nickwallen via justinleet) closes apache/metron#735
+    METRON-1127 Add ability to escalate alerts for external consumption (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#711
+    METRON-1129 Management UI - Package Node Dependencies in RPM (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#712
+    METRON-1148: Add SET and MULTISET data structures to stellar closes apache/incubator-metron#728
+    METRON-1145: Profiler mpack does not create kafka acl and hbase acls correctly in kerberized cluster closes apache/incubator-metron#726
+    METRON-1134: Allow parser command line options to be specified in the zookeeper parser config. closes apache/incubator-metron#717
+    METRON-1138 Improve Error Message with Bad Profile Expression (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#721
+    METRON-1132 Enhance Profiler Debug Functions (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#716
+    METRON-1117 Filter Functions Returned by `%functions` (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#704
+    METRON-1137 Build RPM for Metron MaaS as a part of rpm-docker packaging (anandsubbu via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#719
+    METRON-1139 Fixed service advisor profilerHost variable closes apache/incubator-metron#722
+    METRON-1122: Add support for the profiler in the management pack this closes apache/incubator-metron#709
+    METRON-1128: MAAS_GET_ENDPOINT - Unable to resolve function error seen for squid example this closes apache/incubator-metron#714
+    METRON-1135: Make Stellar field transformations handle nulls properly this closes apache/incubator-metron#718
+    METRON-1068 Use Elasticsearch End Point in Alerts UI (iraghumitra via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#699
+    METRON-1061 Add Fuzzy String Scoring to Stellar (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#667
+    METRON-539 Added functions to hash values. (jjmeyer0) closes apache/metron#641
+    METRON-1131: The Stellar REPL rejects valid hostnames for zookeeper in its CLI options this closes apache/incubator-metron#715
+    METRON-1073 Add option to limit fields returned from search query (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#677
+    METRON-1119 Bad Out-of-Order Logic for SaltyRowKeyBuilder (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#706
+    METRON-1120 Profile 'groupBy' Expression Has No Reference to Time (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#708
+    METRON-1121 Ignore Profile with Bad 'init', 'update' or 'groupBy' Expressions (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#707
+    METRON-1118 Ignore Profile with Bad 'onlyif' or 'foreach' Expressions (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#705
+    METRON-1115 Jackson is not properly serializing readMetadata and mergeMetadata SensorParserConfig properties  (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#703
+    METRON-1047 REST should use core-site.xml for Hadoop configuration (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#672
+    METRON-1111 Mislabeled Configuration Property in Ambari (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#698
+    METRON-1113 UpdateControllerIntegrationTest fails with 500 error (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#701
+    METRON-711 StellarShell assigns variables even if an exception was thrown in the statement. (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#686
+    METRON-1110 REST jvm flags property is being overwritten when Kerberos is enabled (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#697
+    METRON-739 Create Local Profile Runner (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#693
+    METRON-1109 Indexing topology fails to start after Kerberos is enabled (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#696
+    METRON-1108: Metron configuration tabs are not showing up in Ambari this closes apache/incubator-metron#695
+    METRON-1078 Metron Indexing fails to stop during &quot;Stop All Services&quot; (dlyle65535) closes apache/metron#680
+    METRON-1104 Build Failure - Due to Bootstrap version change (iraghumitra via justinleet) closes apache/metron#691
+    METRON-1094: MaaS will not start due to classpath error relating to Yarn closes apache/incubator-metron#688
+    METRON-1102: Add support for ingesting cybox URI observables from taxii feeds closes apache/incubator-metron#689
+    METRON-838 Incorrect set of ts in FireEye parser (bjigmp via justinleet) closes apache/metron#528
+    METRON-322 Global Batching and Flushing (mattf-horton) closes apache/metron#481
+    METRON-988 UI for viewing alerts generated by Metron  (iraghumitra via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#620
+    METRON-1084 Management UI web server license should be Apache (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#683
+    METRON-1026: throws exception closes apache/incubator-metron#643
+    METRON-1051: Enable the ability to update indexed messages closes apache/incubator-metron#666
+    METRON-1069: Ambari MPack documentation around development strategies (justinleet) closes apache/metron#1069
+    METRON-1069: Ambari MPack documentation around development strategies (merrimanr via justinleet) closes apache/metron#1069
+    METRON-1069: Ambari MPack documentation around development strategies (justinleet) closes apache/metron#1069
+    METRON-1076 Management UI status check always reports the service as running (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#678
+    METRON-1075 Add faceted search capabilities (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#679
+    METRON-379 Stellar - No Error When Adding Variables That Do Not Exist (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#675
+    METRON-1038: Stellar should have a better collection of basic math operations closes apache/incubator-metron#650
+    METRON-1072: Cleanup Maven build warnings (mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#676
+    METRON-1056 Get field types from Elasticsearch (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#662
+    METRON-1011 Stellar ENRICHMENT functions should enforce submission of 4 parameters (jasper-k via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#628
+    METRON-975: Normalize logging and switch to common idiom with SLF4J (mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#599
+    METRON-681 CSVConverter should trim values (basvdl via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#674
+    METRON-746: Build Custom Checkstyle and IDE formatting settings (justinleet via mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#577
+    METRON-1060: Add performance timing logging to enrichment topology (mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#665
+    METRON-982 REST STORM Support for supervisor summary (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#607
+    METRON-1064 Make init script OS-agnostic (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#669
+    METRON-984 Create STELLAR Decoding Functions (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#642
+    METRON-1067 Minor typo in documentation (spencer-hanson via justinleet) closes apache/metron#671
+    METRON-1018 Integration tests should reference flux yaml and property files deployed by Ambari (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#635
+    METRON-1050 Improve Docs of `profiler.period.duration`  (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#656
+    METRON-1043 Profiler Should be Less Dramatic When Missing Configuration (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#655
+    METRON-1053 Relocate Metron Docker (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#659
+    METRON-1058 address checkstyle warnings for UnusedImports in metron-stellar (dbist via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#663
+    METRON-1035 Added SUM to the rules triage aggregation docs closes apache/incubator-metron#649
+    METRON-1039: Add ZIP function to Stellar closes apache/incubator-metron#652
+    METRON-1054 Ambari Mpack Attempts to Kill Topologies That Are Not Running (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#660
+    METRON-992: Create performance tuning guide (mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#614
+    METRON-1044 Disabled writers are not acking messages (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#654
+    METRON-1022: Elasticsearch REST endpoint this closes apache/incubator-metron#636
+    METRON-1048 Intermittent Test Failure for SimpleHBaseEnrichmentWriterLoggingTest (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#658
+    METRON-1029 Topology worker opts are not being set when Kerberos is enabled (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#645
+    METRON-1031 Management UI Cannot Start Topologies in Kerberized Environment (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#647
+    METRON-1008 Migrate Travis build to use Trusty (jjmeyer via justinleet) closes apache/metron#633
+    METRON-633 Create better logging for HbaseEnrichmentWriter (zezutom via justinleet) closes apache/metron#572
+    METRON-1003 ParserUtil parses dates incorrect (bjigmp via justinleet) closes apache/metron#623
+    METRON-1040 Create Installation Instructions for the Profiler (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#653
+    METRON-833 Update MaaS documentation to explain how it interacts with kerberos (cestella via justinleet) closes apache/metron#520
+    METRON-1033 Profiler example uses incorrect units for expires (simonellistonball via nickwallen) closes apache/metron#648
+    METRON-1019 Metron 0.4.0 manual installation guide for CentOS 6  (lvets via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#631
+    METRON-1013 StellarShell does not validate parameters (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#639
+    METRON-1017 Ambari components should be separate (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#634
+    METRON-933 STELLAR support for setting fields to regex match captures (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#638
+    METRON-1001: Allow metron to ingest parser metadata along with data closes apache/incubator-metron#621
+    METRON-1027 Errant Log Message When No GeoIP Hit on Valid, External IPv4 Address (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#644
+    METRON-1025 Metron github pr template should not reference incubator (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#640
+    METRON-1021 increment metron version number to 0.4.1 in poms etc (mattf-horton) closes apache/metron#637
+    METRON-986 Enhance Fastcapa to Support Intel X520 (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#608
+    METRON-1012 Update Metron public web site for 0.4.0 release (mattf-horton) closes apache/metron#629
+    METRON-1014 StellarShell class name typo (mattf-horton) closes apache/metron#630
+    METRON-990 Clean up and organize flux properties (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#613
+    METRON-508 Expand Elasticsearch templates to support the standard bro logs (JonZeolla) closes apache/metron#586
+    METRON-1007 Ship the metron-management jar as part of the mpack install (ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#627
+    METRON-877 Extract core implementation and UDF support, create metron-stellar module (mattf-horton) closes apache/metron#616
+    METRON-1004 Travis CI - Job Exceeded Maximum Time Limit (justinleet) closes apache/metron#624
+    METRON-999 Add virtualization support checks to (JonZeolla via jonzeolla) closes apache/metron#618
+    METRON-1006 Remove Incubator DISCLAIMER file and fix Release Process doc (mattf-horton) closes apache/metron#625
+    METRON-996 Performance improvement for ASA parser closes apache/incubator-metron#617
+    METRON-995: Temporary variables in stellar enrichments which are maps do not function as expected closes apache/metron#615
+    METRON-906 Rest service storm configuration does not allow for proper URLs (justinleet via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#602
+    METRON-980: Short circuit operations for Stellar closes apache/metron#606
+    METRON-987: Allow stellar enrichments to be specified by a list as well as a map closes apache/metron#609
+    METRON-976 KafkaUtils doesn't handle SASL_PLAINTEXT (justinleet via leet) closes apache/metron#600
+    METRON-962 Configuration Based Unit Tests and Add integration tests (justinleet via leet) closes apache/metron#612
+    METRON-979 markdown errors in site-book, Part 3 (mattf-horton) closes apache/metron#611
+    METRON-569 Enrichment topology duplicates messages (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#603
+    METRON-978 Management UI init script uses hard-coded METRON_HOME (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#604
+    METRON-979 markdown errors in site-book, part 2 (JonZeolla via mattf-horton) closes mattf-horton/metron#7 closes apache/metron#605
+    METRON-977: metron-statistics enrichment example uses old indexing syntax (mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#601
+    METRON-979 markdown errors in site-book (mattf-horton) closes apache/metron#605
+    METRON-858 bro-plugin-kafka is throwing segfaults (JonZeolla) closes apache/metron#547
+    METRON-937 Pycapa - Consume Messages from Begin, End, or Stored Offsets (nickwallen) closes apache/metron#570
+    METRON-974 Document How to Run Stellar REPL From Source Code (nickwallen via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#598
+    METRON-819: Document kafka console producer parameter for sensors with kerberos (mmiklavc) closes apache/metron#507
+    METRON-964 Add logging in JoinBolt for unexpected cache evictions (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#595
+    METRON-844 Install Metron Management UI with Ambari MPack (merrimanr) closes apache/metron#581
+    METRON-949 Change from error to warning message for Metron REST in Ambari service_advisor (anandsubbu via leet) closes apache/metron#583
+    METRON-953: Complete migration away from incubator-metron to metron for links and docs (justinleet via mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#590
+    METRON-959 Trivial documentation formatting bugs (JonZeolla) closes apache/metron#591
+    METRON-811 Enforce Maven Version in Top Level POM (zezutom via ottobackwards) closes apache/metron#558
+    METRON-958: PCAP Query job throws exception when no files returned by time range query closes apache/metron#593
+    METRON-966: Pcap topology does not commit offsets closes apache/incubator-metron#597
+    METRON-965: In the case where we specify the syncpolicy in the HDFS Writer, we do not properly clone and end up syncing for every record closes apache/incubator-metron#596
+    METRON-961: Spooky intermittent exceptions in pcap during sync should be handled and explained closes apache/incubator-metron#592
+    METRON-948 License field in npm package.json files is incorrect (simonellistonball via merrimanr) closes apache/metron#582
+    METRON-963 Update document for Kerberos manual setup (MohanDV via merrimanr) closes apache/metron#594
+    METRON-891 KafkaConsumer should not be shared among threads (jjmeyer via merrimanr) closes apache/metron#567
+    METRON-936: Fixes to pcap for performance and testing (mmiklavc via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#585
+    METRON-955: Make the default sync policy for HDFS Writer be based on the batch size closes apache/incubator-metron#589
+    METRON-954: Create ability to change output topic of parsers from the CLI closes apache/incubator-metron#588
+    METRON-950: Migrate storm-kafka-client to 1.1 closes apache/incubator-metron#584
+    METRON-934: Component and task id are missing in the indexing topology Hdfs file names. closes apache/incubator-metron#574
+    METRON-952 Travis CI Link in README Pointing to Old Repo closes apache/incubator-metron#587
+    METRON-932: Change HLLP Stellar functions to accept empty lists (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#566
+    METRON-902 ES improperly indexes Bro logs (JonZeolla) closes apache/incubator-metron#555
+    METRON-912 Metron vagrant setup steps no longer work (JonZeolla via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#560
+    METRON-943 Create traffic connections report in zeppelin (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#573
+    METRON-886 ansible-docker issues on centos6 with docker-io (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#546
+    METRON-946 Full/Quick dev should default network_host to   _local_, _site_  (mattf-horton) closes apache/incubator-metron#578
+    METRON-945 Resolve merge conflict in metron.spec (dlyle via justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#576
+    METRON-931: Stellar REDUCE incorrectly returns null for fewer than 3 items in list (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#565
+    METRON-944 markdown table causes infinite hanging in site-book&apos;s doxia-module-markdown (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#575
+    METRON-905 Fix square-bracket behavior and default network interface bindings for ES (mattf-horton) closes apache/incubator-metron#564
+    METRON-935 EC2 Deployment Failure - Could Not Create Blueprint (merrimanr) closes apache/incubator-metron#568
+    METRON-913 Create IP Report in Zeppelin closes apache/incubator-metron#561
+    METRON-840 All &quot;ambari_*&quot; hosts need to have a /localrepo folder closes apache/incubator-metron#563
+    METRON-896 Document Having Kerberos Issue Renewable Tickets (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#553
+    METRON-795 Install Metron REST with Ambari MPack (merrimanr) closes apache/incubator-metron#500
+    METRON-903 Create a connections report in Zeppelin (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#556
+    METRON-907: Zeppelin Dashboard to execute and download pcap queries closes apache/incubator-metron#559
+    METRON-915 platform_info script should have node and npm version (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#562
+    METRON-726 Clean up mvn site generation (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#459
+    METRON-836 Use Pycapa with Kerberos (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#524
+    METRON-899: Fix bad Kerberos doc merge in METRON-835 (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#554
+    METRON-861: Allow JVM args to be passed to CLI utilities closes apache/incubator-metron#534
+    METRON-870: Add filtering by packet payload to the pcap query closes apache/incubator-metron#541
+    METRON-859 Use REST application with Kerberos (merrimanr) closes apache/incubator-metron#535
+    METRON-857 Metron should one unified docker build image (ottobackwards via merrimanr) closes apache/incubator-metron#552
+    METRON-892 should have the version of docker (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#551
+    METRON-873: Stellar string literals do not support quote escaping this closes apache/incubator-metron#542
+    METRON-888 Update README to show requirement of Ambari 2.4.2 (dlyle via justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#548
+    METRON-883 Capture Bro Plugin Enhancements from bro/bro-plugins (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#545
+    METRON-835 Use Profiler with Kerberos (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#521
+    METRON-857 Metron should one unified docker build image (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#543
+    METRON-864 typo in indexing readme (ctramnitz via JonZeolla) closes apache/incubator-metron#537
+    METRON-868 Fix documentation on building RPMs (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#538
+    METRON-866 Quickdev and Fulldev readme misses Docker as prerequisite  (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#544
+    METRON-867: In the event that we graduate, remove incubating from the website and documentation closes apache/incubator-metron#539
+    METRON-799 The MPack should function in a kerberized cluster (dlyle via justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#518
+    METRON-799 The MPack should function in a kerberized cluster (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#518
+    METRON-634 Mpack bug fixes and improvements (not related to singlenode install) (mattf-horton) closes apache/incubator-metron#532
+    METRON-821 Minor fixes in full dev kerberos setup instructions (JonZeolla) closes apache/incubator-metron#510
+    METRON-842 Add dynamic templates for risk score fields (cestella via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#523
+    METRON-862 Add Mattf gpg public key to KEYS file (mattf-horton) closes apache/incubator-metron#536
+    METRON-848 MPack&apos;s metron_theme.json is malformed closes apache/incubator-metron#527
+    METRON-856 Ansible rpm build wipes out prior binary build (merrimanr) closes apache/incubator-metron#533
+    METRON-849: Add 'reason' to threat triage risk level rules doc (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#529
+    METRON-830 Adding StringFunctions to Stellar - chop, prependifmissing, appendifmissing and countmatches (anandsubbu via mattf-horton) closes apache/incubator-metron#516
+    METRON-845 Increment build number to 0.4.0 (mattf-horton) closes apache/incubator-metron#525
+    METRON-623 Management UI contributed by Raghu Mitra Kandikonda and Ryan Merriman closes apache/incubator-metron#489
+    METRON-832 Fixed CEF parser for Palo Alto FITW closes apache/incubator-metron#519
+    METRON-839 RPM build should happen after archives are built (merrimanr) closes apache/incubator-metron#522
+    METRON-829 Use Fastcapa with Kerberos (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#514
+    METRON-831: Add lambda expressions and rudimentary functional programming primitives to Stellar.  This closes apache/incubator-metron#517
+    METRON-817 Customise output file path patterns for HDFS indexing (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#505
+    METRON-826 Ambari MPack should utilize service specific repos closes apache/incubator-metron#515
+    METRON-827: Fix full dev build dependency multi-threading issue with maven (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#513
+    METRON-822 Improve Fastcapa Performance (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#509
+    METRON-823 bro-plugin-kafka/ has Markdown usages not compatible with site-book closes apache/incubator-metron#511
+    METRON-820: StellarProcessor should have a static expression cache.  This closes apache/incubator-metron#508
+    METRON-808: Amazon EC2 deployment fails at Expanding Volume Step (KunalAggarwal via mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#496
+    METRON-196 Deployment Fails Without Ansible closes apache/incubator-metron#499
+    METRON-814 minor tweaks in document format of (mattf-horton) closes apache/incubator-metron#502
+    METRON-642 Correct path to ES gc log file (DimDroll via mattf-horton) closes apache/incubator-metron#406
+    METRON-815 sensor-stubs sometimes send malformed bro timestamps (JonZeolla via jonzeolla) closes apache/incubator-metron#503
+    METRON-818 Ambari template is missing topology.worker.childopts (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#506
+    METRON-812: Make the bro-kafka plugin work with kerberos this closes apache/incubator-metron#501
+    METRON-810 Add Jon Zeolla to the Metron website community and project status pages (JonZeolla via jonzeolla) closes apache/incubator-metron#498
+    METRON-816 Add jmeyer to Contributor List (jjmeyer0) closes apache/incubator-metron#504
+    METRON-804: Create a document to describe kerberizing vagrant (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#497
+    METRON-796 Mpack uses wrong group for owning HDFS directories (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#488
+    METRON-773: Intermittent unit test errors in the KafkaControllerIntegrationTest this closes apache/incubator-metron#491
+    METRON-797: Pass security.protocol and enable auto-renew for the storm topologies closes apache/incubator-metron#495
+    METRON-797: Pass security.protocol and enable auto-renew for the storm topologies
+    METRON-797: Pass security.protocol and enable auto-renew for the storm topologies
+    METRON-793: Migrate to storm-kafka-client kafka spout from storm-kafka closes apache/incubator-metron#486
+    METRON-700 Add hadoop container to metron-docker (kylerichardson) closes apache/incubator-metron#472
+    METRON-806 Posix for long file names is required on all assembly plugin configurations - metron-rest edition (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#494
+    METRON-807 Changed resources to use non-relative path (simonellistonball via merrimanr) closes apache/incubator-metron#493
+    METRON-765: Add GUID to messages (iraghumitra via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#483
+    METRON-770 Unable to Launch Fastcapa Test Environment (nickwallen via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#480
+    METRON-771 Stellar INDEXING_SET_BATCH incorrectly defaults batchSize to 5 closes apache/incubator-metron#485
+    METRON-792 Quick Dev should remove/replace RPM packages closes apache/incubator-metron#487
+    METRON-791 Add links to website and downloads to top level POM (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#482
+    METRON-769 Cisco ASA parser doesn't include syslog wrapper fields (simonellistonball via kylerichardson) closes apache/incubator-metron#479
+    METRON-767 Clean up license (cestella via justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#478
+    METRON-766: Release 0.3.1 closes apache/incubator-metron#477
+    METRON-764 DST bug in metron-profiler-client Unit Tests (mattf-horton) closes apache/incubator-metron#476
+    METRON-671 Refactor existing Ansible deployment to use Ambari MPack (dlyle via justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#436
+    METRON-641 Fix Kibana install file (DimDroll via ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#405
+    METRON-755 Update GitHub PR Template closes apache/incubator-metron#471
+    METRON-752 Fix documentation typos and MD issues closes apache/incubator-metron#470
+    METRON-745: Create Error Dashboards (justinleet via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#475
+    METRON-712: Separate evaluation from parsing in Stellar this closes apache/incubator-metron#473
+    METRON-758 HdfsServiceImplTest should sort files for list test (merrimanr via ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#474
+    METRON-694 Index Errors from Topologies (merrimanr) closes apache/incubator-metron#453
+    METRON-744: Allow Stellar functions to be loaded from HDFS this closes apache/incubator-metron#468
+    METRON-701 Triage Metrics Produced by the Profiler (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#449
+    METRON-503: Metron REST API this closes apache/incubator-metron#316
+    METRON-503: Metron REST API this closes apache/incubator-metron#316
+    METRON-503: Metron REST API this closes apache/incubator-metron#316
+    METRON-743: Sort the files when reading results from Pcap closes apache/incubator-metron#467
+    METRON-646 Add index templates to metron-docker (kylerichardson) closes apache/incubator-metron#441
+    Revert "METRON-646 Add index templates to metron-docker (kylerichardson via merrimanr) closes apache/incubator-metron#441"
+    METRON-686 Record Rule Set that Fired During Threat Triage (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#438
+    METRON-646 Add index templates to metron-docker (kylerichardson via merrimanr) closes apache/incubator-metron#441
+    METRON-742: Generated code for profile window selector DSL did not get committed as part of METRON-690 closes apache/incubator-metron#466
+    METRON-741: Stellar Field Transformations should execute all of the transformations, not just the output closes apache/incubator-metron#465
+    METRON-740: Normalizing and adding log4j properties override where possible. closes apache/incubator-metron#464
+    METRON-728: ReaderSpliteratorTest fails randomly and extremely rarely closes apache/incubator-metron#463
+    METRON-733: Remove Geo database from ParserBolt (justinleet via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#461
+    METRON-690: Create a DSL-based timestamp lookup for profiler to enable sparse windows closes apache/incubator-metron#450
+    METRON-734 Builds failing because of MaxMind DB transitive dependency (justinleet via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#462
+    METRON-636 Capture memory and cpu details as a part of platform-info script (anandsubbu via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#400
+    METRON-157 Create CEF Parser (simonellistonball via kylerichardson) closes apache/incubator-metron#451
+    METRON-725 Javadoc is broken by the use of apiNote (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#458
+    METRON-715: Removed MySQL from Enrichment Diagram closes apache/incubator-metron#452
+    METRON-720 modify to re-throw errors from within 'find' closes apache/incubator-metron#455
+    METRON-730 Fix links to mailings list on landing Apache Metron homepage (anandsubbu via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#460
+    METRON-705: Parallelize the build in travis to the extent that is obvious closes apache/incubator-metron#444
+    METRON-724 Account for `in` grammar in Stellar Documentation and Unit Tests (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#457
+    METRON-721 Add Github pull request template to help submitters and reviewers (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#456
+    METRON-716 Add to site-book (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#454
+    METRON-708: Update metron documentation closes apache/incubator-metron#447
+    METRON-710 Rev MPack Version to (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#448
+    METRON-707: Correct ansible to execute threat intel bulk loading via the flat file script closes apache/incubator-metron#446
+    METRON-706: Add Stellar transformations and filters to enrichment and threat intel loaders (mmiklavc via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#445
+    METRON-703: Rev the version from 0.3.0 to 0.3.1 closes apache/incubator-metron#443
+    METRON-660 Working generator script and site specification, with re-write script to conform Github-MD source files to doxia-markdown. Also misc fixes to markdown files. This closes apache/incubator-metron#429
+    METRON-660 Fixes to get doxia markdown gen working
+    METRON-660 Prototype structure for .md assembly into book with maven doxia-markdown plugin.
+    METRON-692: Update for 0.3.0 -> 0.3.1 closes apache/incubator-metron#437
+    METRON-682: Unify and Improve the Flat File Loader closes apache/incubator-metron#432
+    METRON-699: Update metron-statistics documentation closes apache/incubator-metron#440
+    METRON-684 Decouple Timestamp calculation from PROFILE_GET (cestella via ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#435
+    METRON-630 More work is needed tarLongFileMode posix (atopian via ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#361
+    METRON-680 GeoLiteDatabase incorrectly using country geoname_id instead of city (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#433
+    METRON-658: Updated Grammar to Handle More Uses of in/not in Expressions closes apache/incubator-metron#430
+    METRON-687 Create String Formatting Function for Stellar (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#434
+    METRON-675: Make Threat Triage rules able to be assigned names and comments closes apache/incubator-metron#426
+    METRON-678: Multithread the flat file loader closes apache/incubator-metron#428
+    METRON-676 Create Zeppelin Notebook for YAF Telemetry (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#427
+    METRON-627: Add HyperLogLogPlus implementation to Stellar (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#397
+    METRON-270 Add Zeppelin to the platform (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#423
+    METRON-283 Migrate Geo Enrichment outside of MySQL (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#421
+    METRON-668: Remove the "tickUpdate" profile config and make the "init" phase not reset variables closes apache/incubator-metron#420
+    METRON-672: SolrIndexingIntegrationTest fails intermittently closes apache/incubator-metron#424
+    METRON-664: Make the index configuration per-writer with enabled/disabled closes apache/incubator-metron#419
+    METRON-600: Fix Metron Website (iraghumitra via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#399
+    METRON-666 Fix javadoc doclint errors closes apache/incubator-metron#418
+    METRON-659 Emulate Sensors in Development Environments (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#417
+    METRON-652: Extract indexing config from enrichment config closes apache/incubator-metron#415
+    METRON-654 Create RPM Installer for Profiler (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#413
+    METRON-656: Make Stellar 'in' closer to functioning like python closes apache/incubator-metron#416
+    METRON-532 Define Profile Period When Calling PROFILE_GET closes apache/incubator-metron#414
+    METRON-624: Updated Comparison/Equality Evaluations in Stellar closes apache/incubator-metron#404
+    METRON-644 RPM builds only work with Docker for Mac (kylerichardson) closes apache/incubator-metron#409
+    METRON-640: Add a Stellar function to compute shannon entropy for strings closes apache/incubator-metron#403
+    METRON-637: Add a STATS_BIN function to Stellar. closes apache/incubator-metron#401
+    METRON-622 Create a Metron Docker Compose application  (merrimanr) closes apache/incubator-metron#393
+    METRON-643: Stellar function documentation needs to be updated closes apache/incubator-metron#407
+    METRON-645 Unable to Start Fastcapa Test Environment (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#410
+    METRON-647 Parser unit test failures due to assumed year values (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#412
+    METRON-639: The Network Stellar functions need to have better unit testing closes apache/incubator-metron#402
+    METRON-631 Broken link on fastcapa README (JonZeolla via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#398
+    METRON-625: Parser Filters cannot be specified from the sensor config closes apache/incubator-metron#396
+    METRON-587 Integration tests should use common processor implementations where possible (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#374
+    METRON-616: Added support for float and long literals in Stellar closes apache/incubator-metron#392
+    METRON-580: Remove hard-coded Metron version from Ambari MPack code (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#364
+    METRON-618 Eliminate Javac Warnings in metron-analytics (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#391
+    METRON-364: Preserve Type for Arithmetic Expressions in Stellar closes apache/incubator-metron#390
+    METRON-585 Pcap Replay Fails to Stop (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#369
+    METRON-586 STELLAR should have FILL_LEFT and FILL_RIGHT functions (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#370
+    METRON-612 Clean up Error Prone generated warnings (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#389
+    METRON-610: OnlineStatisticsProvider serialization is broken at random in the REPL closes apache/incubator-metron#388
+    METRON-596 Eliminate Maven warnings from build (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#378
+    METRON-604 Mpack installs do not work on clean machines due to missing Elastic Curator repo (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#385
+    METRON-607: Enrichment doc improvement and test cleanup (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#386
+    METRON-606 Profiler Overwriting Previously Written Values (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#387
+    METRON-591: Make the website in compliance with ASF standards closes apache/incubator-metron#373
+    METRON-597 Sporadic Failures of Profiler Integration Tests (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#383
+    METRON-595 Elasticsearch Writer only uses One IP Address (JonathanRider via dlyle65535) closes apache/incubator-metron#379
+    METRON-593 Enable an automated static analysis tool in the build (justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#376
+    METRON-592 Change popup to Warning message in Assign Master page for Client check (anandsubbu via dlyle65535) closes apache/incubator-metron#375
+    METRON-598 Add Kyle Richardson to committers (kylerichardson) closes apache/incubator-metron#382
+    METRON-565: apps/metron/enrichment/indexed directory path does not get created for metron cluster deployed via Ambari (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#365
+    METRON-588 Remove ASF License Headers from directly copied Chef Bento Files closes apache/incubator-metron#372
+    METRON-576 Stellar function resolution takes too long on running cluster (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#366
+    METRON-570 Add Profiler Link to README (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#371
+    METRON-578 Missing error handling bolts for enrichment and threat intel closes apache/incubator-metron#363
+    METRON-522 Need to mandate Client installation on Metron Host closes apache/incubator-metron#367
+    METRON-584 STELLAR should have a TO_LONG Function (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#368
+    METRON-575 State from different profiles can be co-mingled incorrectly (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#362
+    METRON-538 Ensure proper shutdown, exceptions of integration test components (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#344
+    METRON-567 Usernames as numerics strings attempted to be parsed and compared as numbers (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#360
+    METRON-562: Add rudimentary statistical outlier detection closes apache/incubator-metron#352
+    METRON-557 Create Stellar Functions for Kafka (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#354
+    METRON-556 Profiler - Refactor 'Group By' Calculation (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#348
+    METRON-547 MaasIntegrationTests should integrate with the Metron Integration classes (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#350
+    METRON-561 ShellEditor tests hang if vim is set as EDITOR in your profile (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#351
+    METRON-517: Update elasticsearch bro templates for uri closes apache/incubator-metron#358
+    METRON-533 Up the version for release closes apache/incubator-metron#353
+    METRON-566: Add Casey's Key to the KEYS file closes apache/incubator-metron#357
+    METRON-563 Ambari Metron service uses incorrect port for installing Elasticsearch templates closes apache/incubator-metron#356
+    METRON-564 Mpack shows UI error when changing configuration closes apache/incubator-metron#355
+    METRON-558 Maven Assembly plugin does not build if user has large group id (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#349
+    METRON-541 Set log levels for Metron components (merrimanr) closes apache/incubator-metron#347
+    METRON-548 Improve Profiler Documentation (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#343
+    METRON-554: Require proper error handling when invalid input is fed to Threat triage rules (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#346
+    METRON-527 Connection pool shut down seen when running script closes apache/incubator-metron#332
+    METRON-210 Decom Multi-Node Vagrant Deployment closes apache/incubator-metron#336
+    METRON-535: Global Validations type still refers to MQL rather than Stellar closes apache/incubator-metron#341
+    METRON-531: Ensure licenses for bundled components are appropriately reflected closes apache/incubator-metron#335
+    METRON-402: Snort timestamp field shows up wrong value (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#320
+    METRON-510 Update elasticsearch bro templates for *_body_len (JonZeolla via dlyle65535) closes apache/incubator-metron#326
+    METRON-463 Pull RPMs from Remote (configurable) repos closes apache/incubator-metron#339
+    METRON-536 Add ASA Parser Artifacts to RPM spec files closes apache/incubator-metron#342
+    METRON-514 Snort kafka topic fails to get any data on a setup running for several days (merrimanr) closes apache/incubator-metron#323
+    METRON-529 Allow Configurable Periods for Profiler Client (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#334
+    METRON-443 Exception seen while running stellar or fixed query on pcap data closes apache/incubator-metron#321
+    METRON-520 /apps/metron/enrichment directory does not get created for Metron cluster deployed via Ambari closes apache/incubator-metron#340
+    METRON-363 Fix Cisco ASA Parser closes apache/incubator-metron#276
+    METRON-440 DSL parse exception seen for Bro Topology (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#328
+    METRON-410 mysql_server&apos;s MySQL install causes mutually assured destruction when installed on the same machine as the Ambari Hive MySQL closes apache/incubator-metron#317
+    METRON-148 Compress logs with logrotate (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#329
+    METRON-536 Fix apache id for Otto Fowler (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#331
+    METRON-249: Field Transformation functions fail to handle invalid user inputs closes apache/incubator-metron#333
+    METRON-521: Stellar function documentation needs grammar/clarity fixes closes apache/incubator-metron#327
+    METRON-484 Opentaxi service does not show count for subscribed services   (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#306
+    METRON-495: Upgrade Storm to 1.0.x (justinleet via mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#318
+    METRON-506 Add Otto Fowler to commiters (ottobackwards) closes apache/incubator-metron#330
+    METRON-515: Stellar IS_EMPTY() function does not work as expected (merrimanr via mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#324
+    METRON-512: Migrate Metron's default global junit version from 4.4 to 4.12 (ottobackwards via mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#325
+    METRON-464 Force co-location of all Metron components closes apache/incubator-metron#315
+    METRON-513 Ambari Management Pack Metainfo should not advertise version closes apache/incubator-metron#322
+    METRON-465 Automatically set storm-site topology.classpath closes apache/incubator-metron#314
+    METRON-500: fix assembly id (2xyo via mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#313
+    METRON-509: Add pcap query filter REST API documentation to README (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#319
+    METRON-505: Add environment variable and system property functions to the Stellar language (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#312
+    METRON-502: Make the ParserIntegrationTest more clear on errors (ottobackwards via mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#311
+    METRON-441: Aggregator function "MIN" does not work for threat triage (cestella via mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#309
+    METRON-403: Bro elasticsearch bulk index item fails when DNS response includes CNAME (nickwallen via mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#305
+    METRON-424 ability to validate ip addresses against both IPV4 and IPV6 closes apache/incubator-metron#303
+    METRON-496: Field transformations are applied after parser validation closes apache/incubator-metron#304
+    METRON-489: RemoveSubdomains Stellar Function behaves incorrectly for some domains closes apache/incubator-metron#300
+    METRON-499 Check for Metron Jar Fails During Quick-Dev Deployment (nickwallen via dlyle65535) closes apache/incubator-metron#307
+    METRON-488: Snort should use a proper CSV implementation (cestella via mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#297
+    METRON-482 Add logging to GrokParser to indicate supplied TimeZone (justinleet via mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#291
+    METRON-326 Error Handling in ElasticsearchWriter (justinleet via mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#286
+    METRON-439: Stellar : IS_EMPTY(host) throws exception (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#296
+    METRON-473 Add LENGTH() To Stellar closes apache/incubator-metron#293
+    METRON-371: Changing logging level to INFO when there's not a config. closes apache/incubator-metron#295
+    METRON-432: Fix pcap field resolver to return object instead of string value (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#298
+    METRON-421 Make Stellar Profiler Client API Accessible in Parser and Enrichment Topologies (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#290
+    METRON-492 Run metron_common build check as local_action (kylerichardson via dlyle65535) closes apache/incubator-metron#302
+    Revert "METRON-492 Run metron_common build check as local_action closes apache/incubator-metron#302"
+    METRON-492 Run metron_common build check as local_action closes apache/incubator-metron#302
+    METRON-461 Install Metron Data Management tools  (dlyle65535 via justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#289
+    METRON-487 Correct the license in the StixExtractorTest (cestella via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#294
+    METRON-171 Add .class files to gitignore (ottobackwards via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#292
+    METRON-425 Stellar transformation fails to handle special characters (ottobackwards via justinleet) closes apache/incubator-metron#299
+    METRON-459 Bad file location for (danieljue via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#275
+    METRON-474 Fix Vagrant Ansible Defaults for Quick & Full Dev (ottobackwards via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#284
+    METRON-478: Add Michael Miklavcic, Justin Leet, Nick Allen, and David Lyle to Metron website community page (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#287
+    METRON-476: Bump release version to 0.2.1BETA for Quick Dev (dlyle65535 via mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#285
+    METRON-398: Bump release version to 0.2.1BETA in master (mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#280
+    METRON-466 Full Dev Platform build sometimes fails closes apache/incubator-metron#279
+    METRON-456: Create stellar management functions to test grok statements closes apache/incubator-metron#281
+    METRON-455: Create stellar management functions to put, get and list data in HDFS. (cestella via mmiklavc) closes apache/incubator-metron#277
+    METRON-457 Correct GrokParser logging spelling error (mmiklavc via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#274
+    METRON-449 JSONMapParser should unfold maps to arbitrary depths closes apache/incubator-metron#271
+    METRON-453: Add a stellar shell function to open an external editor and return the editor's contents closes apache/incubator-metron#272
+    METRON-452: Add rudimentary configuration management functions to Stellar closes apache/incubator-metron#269
+    METRON-374: Add appropriate bundled 3rd party licenses to NOTICE and LICENSE where appropriate closes apache/incubator-metron#229
+    METRON-427 Create Ambari Management Pack for Metron Installation closes apache/incubator-metron#266
+    METRON-434: JSON Parser closes apache/incubator-metron#261
+    METRON-437 Profile Definition's 'inputTopic' field is Extraneous (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#264
+    METRON-445 Fix typos in metron-deployment roles (JonZeolla via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#267
+    METRON-438: Back the Stellar REPL with a readline implementation closes apache/incubator-metron#265
+    METRON-426: Stellar does not support scientific notation as a literal closes apache/incubator-metron#257
+    METRON-435: Create Stellar REPL (nickwallen via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#262
+    METRON-436: Updated architecture diagrams for Metron READMEs (anandsubbu via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#263
+    METRON-433: Documentation update closes apache/incubator-metron#260
+    METRON-428: Allow a kafka offset to be passed to the ParserTopology CLI closes apache/incubator-metron#258
+    METRON-429 Profiler Missing Dependencies When Uber Jar Deployed (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#259
+    METRON-384  Deployment fails at task &quot;Wait for Elasticsearch Host to Start&quot; (2xyo via dlyle65535) closes apache/incubator-metron#221
+    METRON-257 Enable pcap result pagination from the Pcap CLI (mmiklavc via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#256
+    METRON-420 Add Expiration to a Profile Definition (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#254
+    METRON-413 Allow Start/End Time Range Search in Profiler Client API (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#249
+    METRON-419 Update Tuple to HBase Mapper/Bolt to Set TTL (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#252
+    METRON-422 Remove bluecoat.json (cestella via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#255
+    METRON-418 Set TTL on HBase Puts (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#251
+    METRON-415: Allow a Profile to Store Any Type as its Value closes apache/incubator-metron#253
+    METRON-411 Support Greater Range of Profile Periods  (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#246
+    METRON-416: Provide the ability to store mergeable data structures for summarizing data on-line closes apache/incubator-metron#250
+    METRON-397: Add a stellar function to interact with the HBase enrichment table closes apache/incubator-metron#234
+    METRON-391 Create Stellar Function to Read Profile Data for Model Scoring (nickwallen via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#242
+    METRON-414 Kibana Ansible Install Fails with SSL Error closes apache/incubator-metron#248
+    METRON-407: We currently do not provide defaults if the Stix Observable does not specify a condition closes apache/incubator-metron#244
+    METRON-406: Stellar variable resolution does not resolve variables with ':' in them closes apache/incubator-metron#243
+    METRON-399 Stellar Date Functions Should Default to Current Time (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#237
+    METRON-389 Create Java API to Read Profile Data During Model Scoring (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#236
+    METRON-385 Create Ambari Service Definition for Indexing (justinleet via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#222
+    METRON-395 Fix Metron Bro parser not parsing some timestamp values (mmiklavc via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#232
+    METRON-400 Deploy Probes to running Docker Container closes apache/incubator-metron#241
+    METRON-408 Intermittent Failures of Profile Integration Tests (nickwallen via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#245
+    METRON-381: Add support for multiple reducers in closes apache/incubator-metron#217
+    METRON-404 Stellar Compiler Hides Function Initialization Errors (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#240
+    METRON-392 Allow User to Define Custom 'Group By' for a Profile (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#230
+    METRON-383: Create Ambari Service Definition for Metron Parsers (mmiklavc via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#218
+    METRON-396: Make Stellar function resolution happen via an annotation and classpath search closes apache/incubator-metron#233
+    Revert "METRON-400 Deploy Probes to running Docker Container closes apache/incubator-metron#238" committed in error.
+    METRON-400 Deploy Probes to running Docker Container closes apache/incubator-metron#238
+    METRON-401 ParseException Thrown by ThreatIntelJoinBolt (nickwallen via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#239
+    METRON-394 Create Stellar Date Functions to Use with Profile 'Group By' (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#231
+    METRON-390: Stellar functions should initialize upon use, rather than all at once closes apache/incubator-metron#228
+    METRON-386 Create Ambari Service Definition for Elasticsearch (justinleet via dlyle65535) closes apache/incubator-metron#223
+    METRON-377 Enable Profiles that Use Non-Single Pass Summary Functions (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#226
+    METRON-372 Enhance Statistical Operations Available for Use with the Profiler (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#225
+    METRON-388: Stellar - Unable to Operate on Result of If-Then-Else closes apache/incubator-metron#227
+    METRON-341: Create stellar enrichment adapter closes apache/incubator-metron#216
+    METRON-368 Simplify Profile Configuration with Sensible Defaults (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#213
+    METRON-367 Enhance Profiler to Support Multiple Numeric Types (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#212
+    METRON-365: Load demo dashboard on Kibana Service install (dlyle65535 via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#211
+    METRON-387 Build Failure - Bad Merge with METRON-309 (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#224
+    METRON-309 Created a Normalcy Profiler (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#208
+    METRON-366: Add MODEL_APPLY to Stellar closes apache/incubator-metron#210
+    METRON-357: Create Ambari Service Definition for Kibana (dlyle65535 via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#203
+    METRON-362: Unify the Stellar Languages closes apache/incubator-metron#207
+    METRON-339: Create YARN app to deploy endpoints closes apache/incubator-metron#205
+    METRON-352 Upgrade Metron HDP install to 2.4 Stack (jjmeyer0 via dlyle65535) closes apache/incubator-metron#206
+    METRON-356 Modify Storm topology.classpath via configuration (mmiklavc via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#204
+    METRON-242 remove Squid pattern closes apache/incubator-metron#202
+    METRON-319 Automate RPM Builds (justinleet via dlyle65535) closes apache/incubator-metron#199
+    METRON-336 Update to use brew instead of pip for ansible install (jfrazee via dlyle65535) closes apache/incubator-metron#198
+    METRON-314 Kibana Default Dashboard - Map Broken closes apache/incubator-metron#193
+    METRON-284 SensorParserConfig object cannot be serialized with the default Jackson ObjectMapper (cestella via dlyle65535) closes apache/incubator-metron#184
+    METRON-338 Remove flux from metron-parsers and RPM builds and add metron-indexing (mmiklavc via dlyle65535) closes apache/incubator-metron#201
+    METRON-334 Travis CI cache Maven dependencies (justinleet via dlyle65535) closes apache/incubator-metron#196
+    METRON-214: Build RPM Packages for Deployment (mmiklavc,justinleet via dlyle65535 ) closes apache/incubator-metron#191
+    METRON-304 Add PCAP backend rpm packaging
+    METRON-300 Adding Enrichment Subpackage to RPM spec
+    METRON-305: Adding Solr Subpackage to RPM spec
+    METRON-303 Adding Data Management Subpackage to RPM spec
+    METRON-301: Adding Elasticsearch Subpackage to RPM spec
+    METRON-299 Adding Parsers Subpackage to RPM spec
+    METRON-302 Add rpm spec file
+    METRON-306: Create Docker container for RPM creation (dlyle65535 via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#190
+    METRON-154: Decouple enrichment and indexing closes apache/incubator-metron#192
+    METRON-294 Refactor parser topology builder (nickwallen via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#185
+    METRON-266 Remove duplicate entries of sniff_interface (nickwallen via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#183
+    METRON-225 Amazon-ec2 run script continues running on Maven build error (nickwallen via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#182
+    METRON-279 Removed duplicative roles; metron-kafka and metron-hbase (nickwallen via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#181
+    METRON-281 Simplify deployment to alternative AWS region (nickwallen via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#180
+    METRON-117 Deployment Report Created for All Deployments (nickwallen via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#179
+    METRON-262 Update codelab image scripts closes apache/incubator-metron#177
+    METRON-321 Add items to .gitignore (mmiklavc via dlyle65535) closes apache/incubator-metron#187
+    METRON-298 Remove the effective_tld_names.dat files. closes apache/incubator-metron#186
+    METRON-264 Create Docker container to simplify management of deploy dependencies closes apache/incubator-metron#178
+    METRON-259 Using 'any' for Snort's HOME_NETWORK (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#176
+    METRON-256: Make the PCap values returned ordered by timestamp. This closes apache/incubator-metron#173
+    METRON-243 Ensure templates are installed on all search hosts. (nickwallen via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#175
+    METRON-255: Expose the IPProtocolTransformer as a function in the Stellar transformation language. This closes apache/incubator-metron#172
+    METRON-254 pcap inspector emits fields that are named based on the enum, rather than the standardized field names. This closes apache/incubator-metron#171
+    METRON-253: Reloading parser configurations from zookeeper doesn't call init(). This closes apache/incubator-metron#170
+    METRON-252 Metron Dashboard Can Be Broken By Adding Index (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#169
+    METRON-247 Deployment fails on hosts with no 'eth0' network interface (nickwallen via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#166
+    METRON-233: Expose Kafka producer and consumer configs for parser topologies. This closes apache/incubator-metron#160
+    METRON-248 metron_example group_vars file is out of date (dlyle65535 via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#168
+    METRON-246 metron_streaming role needs to explicitly install defaults (dlyle65535 via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#167
+    METRON-245 mysql_server role needs to explicitly install defaults (dlyle65535 via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#165
+    METRON-244 Fix Metron documentation (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#164
+    METRON-239: NOOP Bulk Message Writer. This closes apache/incubator-metron#162
+    METRON-241: Update revision from 0.1BETA to 0.2.0BETA. This closes apache/incubator-metron#163
+    METRON-219 Create default dashboard for Metron using Kibana 4 (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#158
+    METRON-235 Expose filtering capability for PCAP via CLI tool. (mmiklavc via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#156
+    METRON-224 Metron should build from top-level directory closes apache/incubator-metron#157
+    METRON-237 Remove metron-ui from the code base. (mmiklavcic via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#159
+    METRON-228: Fixing NPE when enrichment config does not exist. This closes apache/incubator-metron#152
+    METRON-230: Bro parser should throw exception. This closes apache/incubator-metron#154
+    METRON-231: Snort parser should throw exception. This closes apache/incubator-metron#155
+    METRON-223: Invalid and Erroneous messages should go to kafka for further analysis in the Parser Topology.  This closes apache/incubator-metron#151
+    METRON-204: Field Transformation Domain Specific Language.  This closes apache/incubator-metron#142
+    METRON-212: Allow additional Elasticsearch templates to be loaded to the index (dlyle65535 via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#145
+    METRON-215: Fixing an NPE in the MessageParser.  This closes apache/incubator-metron#148
+    METRON-222:  Address ConcurrentModificationException in BulkMessageWriter.  This closes apache/incubator-metron#150
+    METRON-211 Enable creation of Kafka topics for custom parsers (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#144
+    METRON-203 General best practice and bug fixes (mmiklavcic via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#146
+    METRON-217 The elasticsearch writer should allow multiple ES hosts to be passed in via a List. This should be backwards compatible.
+    METRON-217 The parser topology numSpoutTasks and numParserTasks are swapped
+    METRON-217 The grok parser should throw an exception if it cannot parse so the message that could not be parsed is sent to the error queue.
+    METRON-202 Ensure resources are closed after use (mmiklavc via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#141
+    METRON-208 Add Google Analytics tags to Metron Home Pages (iraghumitra via merrimanr) closes apache/incubator-metron#147
+    METRON-197 METRON-197: Validation should be the last step in the ParserBolt closes apache/incubator-metron#143
+    METRON-180 Granular Control of Component Installation with Tags (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#133
+    METRON-189: Add the ability to do global validations on messages passing through the parser. This closes apache/incubator-metron#138
+    METRON-174 Storm consumption of hbase enrichment reference data.  This closes apache/incubator-metron#127
+    METRON-183 Allow the simple hbase enrichment adapter and simple threat intel adapter to use multiple column families closes apache/incubator-metron#131
+    METRON-178 Expose the filter capability in the Parser topologies. closes apache/incubator-metron#129
+    METRON-190: Make more adaptable regarding storm topology configuration closes apache/incubator-metron#139
+    METRON-152 Add support for ES 2.3.x and Kibana 4.5.0 (dlyle65535 via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#135
+    METRON-186: Create a fieldMapping functionality which allows for parsed fields to be transformed closes apache/incubator-metron#136
+    METRON-184 GeoIP Data is Downloaded When Already Exists (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#132
+    METRON-100 GeoIP errors out silently in vagrant closes apache/incubator-metron#134
+    METRON-179 Fixed focs for Vagrant deployments (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#124
+    METRON-177 Fix typos on the Metron website (iraghumitra via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#130
+    METRON-125 Set DFS replication to 1 to avoid under-replicated blocks warning on single node deployments (ajayydv via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#125
+    METRON-145 Automate Creation of Vagrant Images closes apache/incubator-metron#123
+    METRON-173 Update the the Apache Metron Web Page (iraghumitra via merrimanr) closes apache/incubator-metron#126
+    METRON-168 Specify shorter control_path to avoid 'unix domain socket too long' problem (tom-meyer via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#122
+    METRON-155 Added query filtering capability for PCAP via Metron REST API (mmiklavcic via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#119
+    METRON-142 Simplify Parser configuration (merrimanr via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#120
+    METRON-156 Step missing from quick-dev-platform README (merrimanr via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#121
+    METRON-132 Monit integration + METRON-85 Removed fixed wait from EC2 deployment (nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#118
+    METRON-150 Adding WebSphere parser, unit tests, and integration tests (DomenicPuzio via cestella) closes apache/incubator-metron#115
+    METRON-151 Remove yum update from deployment scripts closes apache/incubator-metron#117
+    METRON-129 Fixes for CodeLab README (apsaltis via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#114
+    METRON-136 Added /var/log/metron_pcapservice.log to logrotate rules (jjonez via nickwallen) closes apache/incubator-metron#113
+    METRON-141: The ability to do threat triage closes apache/incubator-metron#108

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