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From Du Krøger, Dennis <>
Subject RE: MetaModel REST connector
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2016 08:00:33 GMT
Errr, that's "XmlSaxTableDef" :)

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From: Du Krøger, Dennis [] 
Sent: 20. juni 2016 08:49
Subject: RE: MetaModel REST connector

Hi Vijay,

Probably not a completely satisfactory answer, but I'd take a look at the XxmSaxTableDef,
which uses XPath definitions to make up the tables. I've been imagining something similar
with JsonPath before, but you'd probably have do something else (but maybe similar?), since
you need to point to Swagger entries instead, and require support for full CRUD.

Best regards,

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From: Vijay Kumar Jalagari [] 
Sent: 18. juni 2016 00:44
Subject: MetaModel REST connector


I am doing POC on Apache metamodel for one of our requirement in project and most of things
are achievable using apache metamodel and its really a generic data processing application.

Apart from database and file format we need to support the REST API as connector and since
REST doesn't follow any schema definition we are planning to add swagger based custom connector
in apache metamodel.

Today I have started understand the swagger schema and its structure but it's quite difficult
to visualize the swagger as RDBMS ( schema, tables and columns ) which is first requirement
to write a connector in apache metamodel.

Initial thought on converting swagger as connector
1.     Convert all the operation ( paths ) as schema
2.     and each Method type like GET, POST etc. as table
3.     Method input & output as columns
But problem with above approach method type are specify an operation type i.e. GET for Reading
data, POST for writing back data, DELETE for deleting information so its doesn't make sense
in visualize method type as table which may not provide all the operation like select, insert,
update etc. over it. Another problem is input & output properties as schema which make
create lot of confusion.

Since you have written core and connector in apache metamodel can you please provide some
suggestion in writing this REST connector ?

Thanks & Regards
Vijay Kumar J

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