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From Alessandro Portosa <>
Subject Re: Metamodel @ BigDataSpain
Date Thu, 22 Oct 2015 17:26:17 GMT
Hi Alberto,
I have just had a look at your slides on SlideShare. Congrats!
Do you have any particular feedback on MetaModel performance and/or any 
benchmark? There is a slide titled "Performance" but I cannot see 
anything on it. I'm mainly interested on how it scales increasing the 
rows number (up to 10 000? 50 000? 100 000? a million???) of a single 
dataset (no join).
Also join performance are an important indicator for me.
As start, I'm using MetaModel only with PojoContexts, so no overhead due 
to disk access or so. Just plain query on (1) a single Pojo and (2) join 
of two or more Pojo.

Anyhow, any information will be useful to me!



Il 22/10/2015 16:08, Alberto Rodriguez ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> Just want to let you know that last week I gave a talk at the BigData Spain
> conference in Madrid. I talked about how we're using Metamodel to develop a
> visualization tool in my current company. I didn't talk much about the
> internals of the project, it was more a company-oriented talk but the
> feedback about the project was pretty good.
> Kind regards,
> Alberto

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