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From Henry Saputra <>
Subject Re: Good tips on how to release in Apache incubator project
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2013 17:20:34 GMT
HI Ankit,

Yes I agree, it takes a bit of research to do first release.

I will create a wiki page with direct TODO steps for us new with ASF
to be release manager.

It will be sometimes this week and will send email to @dev list when
it is ready.

- Henry

On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 9:27 AM, Ankit Kumar <> wrote:
> Hi Henry,
> Thanks for sharing more info on the release process.
> My local git repository clone is building successfully with all tests
> passing but I do not understand how/where to start.
> The process appears to be still quite a ceremony with lot of steps pretty
> new to us. In order to bring more structure and clarity, could we please
> make a TODO list with a bit of explanation on what is expected from that
> TODO item. This will also help us divide work amongst the group (if needed)
> and also as part of working on each TODO item we can also learn/document
> the whole process nicely.
> I guess the TODO list should help a lot already but if needed can we also
> have a skype call(with anyone who knows the process) to discuss/understand
> in detail.
> Regards
> Ankit
> On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 6:54 PM, Henry Saputra <>wrote:
>> Marvin sent out good tips on how to get IPMC votes for releases under
>> ASF incubator.
>> - Henry
>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>> From: Marvin Humphrey <>
>> Date: Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 9:22 AM
>> Subject: [DISCUSS] Release of Apache Allura (incubating) v1.0.0
>> To: "" <>
>> On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 6:47 AM, Rich Bowen <> wrote:
>> > Hmm. Did we do something wrong with our call for vote?
>> Perhaps not this one, though the voting on allura-dev@incubator was
>> somewhat
>> irregular.
>> *   No "[VOTE]" in the subject.
>> *   Spread out over multiple threads.
>> *   No time specification.  (I recommend the phrase "at least 72 hours".)
>> *   PPMC votes claimed as "binding", which is ambiguous.
>> So long as the IPMC VOTE clears, though, those irregularities don't block
>> the
>> release IMO.
>> I'd also like to note that the dev list archives for Allura are
>> time-consuming
>> and tedious to plow through -- the signal-to-noise ratio is poor due to the
>> large number of auto-generated messages with trivial content.
>> > Can anyone suggest any reason why we've gotten ZERO response to this
>> message
>> > or to Dave's followup?
>> Allura has four Mentors.  You've voted, but where are the others?
>> Mentors must lead the way, particularly for the first release.  "Freelance"
>> reviews of release artifacts, by IPMC members who are not following the
>> podling's development, are by their nature superficial.  For instance, a
>> freelancer can run RAT and see whether there are files with missing ALv2
>> headers, but can't see whether files with ALv2 headers had them installed
>> appropriately.  We count on Mentors to endorse the podling's initial IP
>> handling, from supervising the code grant to monitoring the dev list and
>> commits list day-by-day and ensuring that everything is proper.
>> After the first release, we are voting on a delta, and all new changes have
>> happened within Apache channels which are comparatively more auditable.
>> However, for the initial incubating release, we are voting on development
>> which took place elsewhere, and Mentors have better insight than the rest
>> of
>> the IPMC into the importation and assimilation of that dark matter into
>> Apache.
>> > Can some of the old hands around here give us some insight into what we
>> need
>> > to do to get things moving?
>> Getting enough IPMC votes for incubating releases is an age-old issue for
>> the
>> Incubator.  Many long-term remedies have been discussed, but none of that
>> will
>> help the acute problem faced by Allura.
>> In today's Incubator, the most effective strategy for an individual
>> podling to
>> take is for its core contributors to become serious experts about Apache IP
>> and release policy and to present squeaky clean release candidates which
>> make
>> a best effort to follow all known rules and guidelines.  In Allura's case,
>> not
>> only would it help to run the dev list VOTEs more cleanly, but it would
>> help
>> if PPMC members who vote +1 document exactly what steps they took to
>> validate
>> the release candidate.
>> It's nice to see a list like this accompanying a +1 vote:
>>     *   Sums and sigs OK (log below).
>>     *   Build from source tarball succeeds and passes tests on [list
>>         platforms].
>>     *   Extended tests pass on [list platforms].
>>     *   RAT build target passes.
>>     *   Tarball name contains "incubating".
>>     *   Incubation DISCLAIMER included.
>>     *   Expanded tarball matches version control tag exactly (diff log
>> below).
>>     *   LICENSE and NOTICE assembled according to
>>         <> per discussion at
>>         [link].
>>     *   LICENSE and NOTICE up-to-date, as no dependencies have been added
>>         since initial assembly.
>>     *   All copyleft dependencies purged as documented at [issue].
>>     *   Copyright date in NOTICE is current.
>>     *   CHANGES entry is current.
>>     *   Issue tracker clean (no open issues for this release).
>>     ...
>> Documented diligence by podling contributors lowers the cost of reviewing
>> and
>> voting for Mentors and other IPMC members, and may help to persuade those
>> hanging back to participate.
>> Marvin Humphrey
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