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From Kasper Sørensen <>
Subject [PATCH] get rid of deprecated "_items" field in DefaultRow
Date Wed, 28 Aug 2013 09:11:31 GMT
Hi all,

I was debugging some code and ran into a legacy thing in the
DefaultRow where we have a deprecated field, "_items". The role of
this field has been taken over by the "_header" field which has
another type etc., but for backwards compatible deserialization
purposes the old "_items" field is still there.

So I did a bit of investigation on how to get rid of the field
entirely and simply do some conversion on the fly while deserializing
legacy objects. And that seems to work nicely actually. I've created a
patch and posted it as a Gist here:

Any feedback is welcome. And if you agree, can we then add this to the code?


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