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From Juan Jose van der Linden <>
Subject Re: Moving MS Access module out?
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2013 08:01:50 GMT
Hi all,

There is also an open source JDBC driver based on jackcess:
So that would be a way to connect to MS Access also via JDBC.
It seems that the jackcess library is currently the only java library 
one that connects to MS Access.

So I think option 1 is the way to go. There will be probably more 
libraries that need this construction becauso of the license.


On 23-08-13 09:27, Kasper Sørensen wrote:
> Hi all,
> I think we've had a bit of time now to ponder on what to do with the
> MS Access module (which violates the Apache license because of the
> Jackcess dependency that is LGPL).
> I think our options are:
> 1) Move the module out of Apache MetaModel and let it live as a third
> party module (like the SAS and dBase modules).
> 2) Find an alternative dependency (I don't know of any other Java
> libraries for reading MS Access)
> 3) Pursuade Jackcess to re-license to an Apache compatible license (I
> think this is a very long shot, but was mentioned earlier on...)
> If anyone knows a alternative library (option 2), that's my favorite.
> But if not, I am prepared to go for option 1.
> What say you?

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