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From Kasper Sørensen <>
Subject HBase module
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2013 06:58:51 GMT
Hi everyone,

Spoke with Sameer who originally started the HBase branch of MetaModel
on the old infrastructure and we thought it would be good to also make
a remote branch in the Git repo for this effort. The HBase module does
pose a few challenges [1], so having it on a branch would allow
developers to work on it without having to deliver a fully fledged
solution from the first patch.

Is that a good use of a Git remote branch, or do we need some Git
education on this? :-)


[1] One of the distinct challenges of HBase so far has been that the
data types are not directly visible - everything is more or less just
a byte array. Another issue is how we should represent the nested
column structure of HBase (every column has a 'column family'). And
there are probably more...

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