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From Greg Mann <>
Subject Proposal: Adding health check definitions to master state output
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2018 22:21:11 GMT
Hi all,
In addition to the health check API change proposal that I recently sent
out, we're considering adding a task's health check definition (when
present) to the 'Task' protobuf message so that it appears in the master's
'/state' endpoint response, as well as the v1 GET_STATE response and the
TASK_ADDED event. This will allow operators to detect the presence and
configuration of health checks on tasks via the operator API, which they
are currently unable to do:

message Task {
  . . .

  optional HealthCheck health_check = 15;

  . . .

I wanted to check in with the community regarding this change, since for
very large clusters it could have a non-negligible impact on the size of
the master's state output.

It's worth mentioning that I believe the original intention of the 'Task'
message was to contain most information contained in 'TaskInfo', except for
those fields which could grow very large, like the 'data' field.

Please reply if you foresee this change having a negative impact on your
deployments, or if you have any other thoughts/concerns!


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