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From Greg Mann <>
Subject This Month in Mesos - March 2018
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2018 22:08:28 GMT
Oh hai there Apache Mesos Community!

Back again with your monthly update on current events in the Mesosverse:

*Working Groups*

Below you'll find a brief summary of the group meetings from this past
month, as well as some info about related work that's been happening in the
project. Working group meetings can be found on the Mesos community calendar
<>, and you should feel
free to add agenda items beforehand!

*API Working Group*

[Agenda Doc

Next Meeting: April 3 @ 11am PST

In March we held the first two meetings of the new API working group! This
has brought about a revival of our perennial discussion on the preferred
Mesos release cadence; you can expect an updated release policy in our
documentation shortly. It's looking like the new policy will be in line
with what we have been doing in practice for the last few releases, so no
big changes there.

Zhitao also presented his ongoing work on new operations which will allow
the growing/shrinking of persistent volumes. You can find his design doc

*Containerization Working Group*

[Agenda Doc

Next meeting: April 5 @ 9am PST

Two big items in the containerization space this month:

   - Improvements to the Docker containerizer/executor to more gracefully
   handle bugs in the Docker daemon: MESOS-8572
   - Configurable network namespaces for nested containers: MESOS-8534

*Community Working Group*

[Agenda Doc

Next Meeting: April 9 @ 10:30am PST

Community working group had a preliminary discussion about the next
quarterly doc-a-thon, and discussed the possibility of spinning up a new
Releases Working Group. We also discussed plans for the next MesosCon, and
how we may want to evolve that event going forward.

*Performance Working Group*

[Agenda Doc

Next meeting: April 18 @ 10am PST

We now have a performance dashboard
which lets you view tickets in ASF JIRA which have been marked as
performance-related - take a look!

Some additional copy elimination
<> patches have been
merged, with more yet to come. The group also discussed the near-term
performance roadmap, which includes optimization of
authentication/authorization, master state computation, and the libprocess
HTTP code; see the agenda document for more details.

Until next time,

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