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From David Morrison <>
Subject Questions about Pods and the Mesos Containerizer
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2018 22:21:22 GMT
Hi Mesos community!

We’re in the process of designing a Mesos framework to launch multiple
containers together on the same host and are considering a couple of
approaches. The first is to use pods (with the TASK_GROUP primitive), and
the second is write a custom executor that launches nested containers and
use CNI to handle networking.

With that in mind, we had the following questions:

Questions about pods/task_groups:


   Is it possible to do healthchecks per task in a pod?

   Is it possible to allocate a separate IP address per container in a pod?

   Is there any plan to support the Docker containeriser with pods?

Questions about UCR/Mesos containerizer:


   Timeframe for debugging tools (equivalent of docker exec, etc)?

   Is there any performance data about using the Mesos containeriser with
   container images versus using the Docker containeriser?

      how does the Mesos containerizer handle extremely large images?

      how does the Mesos containerizer handle dozens/hundreds of concurrent

If anyone has had any experience using the UCR and/or pods with the sort of
workflow we’re considering, your input would be highly useful!


David Morrison

Software Engineer @ Yelp

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