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From Qian Zhang <>
Subject Collect feedbacks on TASK_FINISHED
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2017 03:20:03 GMT
Hi Folks,

I'd like to collect the feedbacks on the task state TASK_FINISHED.
Currently the default and command executor will always send TASK_FINISHED
as long as the exit code of task is 0, this cause an issue: when scheduler
initiates a kill task, the executor will send SIGTERM to the task first,
and if the task handles SIGTERM gracefully and exit with 0, the executor
will send TASK_FINISHED for that task, so we will see the task state

This seems incorrect because we thought it should be TASK_KILLING ->
TASK_KILLED, that's why we filed a ticket MESOS-7975
<> for it. However, I am
not very sure if it is really a bug, because I think it depends on how we
define the meaning of TASK_FINISHED, if it means the task is terminated
successfully on its own without external interference, then I think it does
not make sense for scheduler to receive a TASK_KILLING followed by a
TASK_FINISHED since there is indeed an external interference (killing task
is initiated by scheduler). However, if TASK_FINISHED means the task is
terminated successfully for whatever reason (no matter it is killed or
terminated on its own), then I think it is OK to receive a TASK_KILLING
followed by a TASK_FINISHED.

Please let us know your thoughts on this issue, thanks!

Qian Zhang

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