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From Thodoris Zois <>
Subject Re: Framework change role
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2017 09:39:36 GMT
Ok, probably you are right but what you don’t understand is that i am a completely newbie
and i see such systems for the first time. It’s about a university project that i am working
on in order to get my bachelor degree. I don’t really know the proper way to express what
i want to like you do. I don’t know how to connect 2 frameworks or something, i don’t
even know how to make my own framework and compile it with the dependencies that Mesos needs.
I am just writting on and and that’s all. The reason
that i want to run everything from the same framework (instance) is because keep a TreeMap
with some info that i don’t want to lose if i terminate the Schedulers driver. So if i start
up a new framework, TreeMap is gone. Forget about the tasks, i can use the same
for every scheduler. 

What i want to achieve is to get offers from a specific agent with role “SB” and run 10
tasks (i give also to my Framework role “SB”), then i store those information (which are
actually TaskInfo in Schedulers TreeMap). After that i would like to change the role of my
Framework to “*(default)”. Then i will get offer from an agent that has the default role
and i will still have the info in my TreeMap because scheduler instance didn’t stop.

That’s all. My problem is that i don’t know how to change the role of the Framework without
losing that TreeMap, and also how to set it with version 1.3.0.  

Hope that everybody understands now….
Thank you, and i am really sorry for the spam

> On 5 Jul 2017, at 12:24, James Peach <> wrote:
>> On Jul 5, 2017, at 12:54 AM, Thodoris Zois <> wrote:
>> Hi, 
>> No, i would like my framework to be offered resources from agent with role (e.g:
thz) and after running the specific tasks change its role to (*) in order to get offers from
different agents, but it will run the same tasks because i am never terminating the scheduler
driver (that’s what i want to).
> As I suggested on Slack, I still think the most obvious way to implement this is to connect
2 frameworks, 1 for each role. Just co-ordinate internally to accept the offers you want in
the right sequence. From your description, there's no requirement for this to be done in 1
> I don't really follow what you mean by "run the same tasks". You can run new instances
of the same task (from whatever framework you like); you can also send new tasks to an existing
executor (from the same framework).
>> Don’t try to find logic, it’s not for a company or something :)
> I think that for people to help you, they need to be able to understand the logic of
what you want to achieve and why :)
>> Thank you,
>> Thodoris
>>> On 5 Jul 2017, at 05:36, Jay Guo <> wrote:
>>> Hi Thodoris,
>>> If I understand correctly, you would like your framework to receive offers from
both 'role' and '*', so resources reserved to 'role' on particular agent could be reliably
supplied to the framework? Isn't it sufficient to start your framework with multiple roles,
'role' & '*'? You need to enable the capability.
>>> - J
>>> On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 7:28 AM, Thodoris Zois <> wrote:
>>> I have built a Framework in Java that is running certain tasks. I would like
to run those tasks on a specific agent. I have set a role to the Framework and used flags
upon starting of the agent. Till here everything is good. When framework has run tasks successfully
i am not terminating it. I would like to change its role to default (*) and get offered resources
from master that correspond to that role and it will run again the same amount of tasks (and
the same tasks) because i never terminated (and i don't want to terminate its instance because
i keep some mesos metrics to a static TreeMap). That's all.. I just wanted somebody to explain
me exactly how it works and what i have to do because everything i have tried today fails,
and seems i can't find useful info on the Internet about this. 
>>> Thank you!
>>> On 4 Jul 2017, at 21:00, Michael Park <> wrote:
>>>> What is it that you need help with?
>>>> On Tue, Jul 4, 2017 at 11:12 AM Thodoris Zois <> wrote:
>>>> Hello list,
>>>> Is anybody available to help me with the new feature of 1.3.0 version, that
a framework can modify its role?
>>>> Thank you

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