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From "Happy每一天" <>
Subject 回复: Failed to create the cgroup at ...
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2017 13:48:21 GMT
    I haven't manully mount any devices subsystem. The issue is resovled when I restart mesos
agent. But it will be repeated missing after a while, I can't find any error info about it.
I just run some tasks only.

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主题: Re: Failed to create the cgroup at ...

hi, have you mount devices subsystem on it /sys/fs/cgroup/devices/? What's the content of

On Sun, Jun 11, 2017 at 9:36 PM, Happy每一天 <> wrote:
    I have encountered a problem when using mesos 1.2.0, details as below:

    "Task XXXXXX-XXXXXXXXX is in unexpected state TASK_FAILED with reason 'REASON_CONTAINER_LAUNCH_FAILED'
from source 'SOURCE_AGENT' with message 'Failed to launch container: Failed to create the
cgroup at '/sys/fs/cgroup/devices/mesos/f70bbbda-bcd0-42dc-bb47-740c99c5b2a9': Failed to create
directory '/sys/fs/cgroup/devices/mesos/f70bbbda-bcd0-42dc-bb47-740c99c5b2a9': No such file
or directory'"

    I found the directory /sys/fs/cgroup/devices/mesos was missing, but it was exist when
mesos agent started. I don't know why it is missing, and it has occured very frequently on
my server.
    How can I resolve this problem ?

 Best Regards,

Best Regards,
Haosdent Huang
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