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From Ashish Mehta <>
Subject Re: Auto scaling spark driver on Mesos!
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2017 08:46:15 GMT
Yes Michael, I have tried dynamic allocation with my own Mesos cluser, it
works as expected and as documented!
But now I want to move ahead and integrate with our own "compute layer".
Our "compute layer"

   - provides Multi tenancy with chronos and marathon over Mesos.
   - Manages/book-keeps all the resources on behalf of individual tenant,
   having some quota assigned to it. It keeps track of resource by
   tagging/un-tagging them in Mesos.

The problem with, out of the box "dynamic allocation" is that, our "compute
layer" doesn't know the resource utilisation of the application, and can't
tag/un-tag the machine automatically. If we tag all the machine before
running the application based on spark.cores.max, then we will not be able
to make use of "dynamic allocation" because the tagged machines are
reserved and can't be used for other applications.

*So I want to articulate my initial query here and ask:*
What is the best way to get the feedback to my "compute layer", about spark
application's requirement for auto-scalling? How about the following

   1. Application exposing some API, or dumping event to inform the
   framework when it needs more resources
   2. Or our "compute layer" polls the Mesos API to know the resources
   consumed by the application and deduce whether auto scaling is required or


On Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 2:48 AM, Michael Gummelt <>

> I assume you've looked into dynamic allocation.  What do you need that
> isn't provided by dynamic allocation?
> On Mon, Feb 27, 2017 at 4:11 AM, David J. Palaitis <
>> wrote:
>> by using a combination of Spark's dynamic allocation, http://spark.apach
>>, and a
>> framework scheduler like Cook,
>> gma/Cook/tree/master/spark, you can achieve the desired auto-scaling
>> effect without the overhead of managing roles/constraints in mesos.  i'd be
>> happy to discuss this in more detail if you decide to give it a try.
>> On Mon, Feb 27, 2017 at 3:14 AM, Ashish Mehta <>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> We want to move to auto-scaling of spark driver, where in more resources
>>> are added into the available resources for "spark driver" based on
>>> requirement. The requirement can increase/decrease based on multiple SQL
>>> queries being done over REST server, or number of queries with multiple
>>> user over thrift server over Spark (HiveServer2).
>>> *Existing approach with static number of resources:*
>>> We have a very large pool of resources, but my "spark driver" is
>>> allocated limited amount of "static" resource, and we achieve this by
>>> following
>>>    1. While running the application I tag machine in Mesos with the
>>>    name of my application, so that the offer is made accordingly.
>>>    2. My application is run with the constraint for above tagged
>>>    machine using "spark.mesos.constraints" configuration, so that the
>>>    application only accept offer made by these tagged machine, and don't eat
>>>    up all the resource in my very large cluster.
>>>    3. Application launches executor on these accepted offers, and they
>>>    are used to do computation as defined by Spark job, or as and when queries
>>>    are fired over HTTP/Thrift server.
>>> *Approach for auto scaling:*
>>> Auto-scaling of driver helps us in many ways, and lets us use the
>>> resources with better efficiency.
>>> For enabling auto scaling, where in my spark application will get more
>>> and more resource offers, if it has consumed all the available resource,
>>> the workflow will be as follows
>>>    1. Running a daemon to monitor my app on Mesos
>>>    2. Keep on adding/removing machine for the application by
>>>    tagging/untagging them by monitoring the resource usage metric for my
>>>    application on Mesos.
>>>    3. Scale up/down based on Step 2 by tagging and untagging, and take
>>>    "some buffer" into account.
>>> I wanted to know the opinion of you guys on "*Approach for auto scaling*".
>>> Is this the right approach to solve auto scaling of Spark driver?
>>> Also tagging/untagging machine is something which we do to limit/manage
>>> the resources in our big cluster.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Ashish
> --
> Michael Gummelt
> Software Engineer
> Mesosphere

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