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From Frank Scholten <>
Subject [CNI] Proxying connections from outside the cluster to tasks with IP from host-local IPAM
Date Sun, 13 Nov 2016 15:12:16 GMT

What is a simple way to proxy connections from outside the Mesos
cluster to tasks on the Mesos Agents that have gotten their IP via the
host-local IPAM?

Let's say I use HaProxy on each Mesos Agent on port 80 then the tasks
can be proxied since HaProxy can reach the internal network on that
particular agent.

For instance I can set up config so that proxies to the IP of task 'test'

However, don't I also need load balancing across the HaProxies on the
different Mesos agents? Perhaps Mesos DNS can be used for this? So a
lookup for returns, et cetera.

Curious to know how some of you solve this problem. I know there are
many ways to solve this problem. I am looking for something simple
first with as few moving parts as possible, so the host-local plugin +



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