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From Konrad Scherer <>
Subject Re: Features missing in the webui
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2016 15:25:39 GMT
On 2016-10-24 09:55 AM, Tomek Janiszewski wrote:
> Hi Konrad
> Currently I'm working on displaying table with maintenance schedule.
> I'm sorry I don't understand what whitelist you referred to. Do you want
> to display some additional information on offers screen? Could you
> provide an example?

I am referring to the --whitelist flag[1] for the mesos master:

Path to a file which contains a list of agents (one per line) to 
advertise offers for. The file is watched, and periodically re-read to 
refresh the agent whitelist. By default there is no whitelist / all 
machines are accepted. Path could be of the form file:///path/to/file or 

If a node is not listed in the whitelist file, it is effectively in 
maintenance/draining mode but it still shows up in the webui agent list 
as an active agent without any indication that the offers from this 
agent are not being sent to schedulers. Have you have changed the agent 
summary page or list to display maintenance information? If so that may 
be a good place to add information about whitelist status. Something 
simple like "State: Draining" would be helpful.


Konrad Scherer, MTS, Linux Products Group, Wind River

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