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From Silas Snider <>
Subject Re: Question about the deprecated policy after 1.0
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2016 05:18:42 GMT
There’s a little history to this:

In <>, on the
8th of August, the HTTP health check message was changed to be entirely incompatible with
the previous HTTP health check message. Not only was its name changed (breaking compatibility
with anyone using the feature with libmesos), but the field tags were rearranged, making it
truly wire-format incompatible. This change also introduced a ‘type’ field to the HealthCheck
message as an optional enum.

Next, in <>,
on the 13th of August, the health checking code was changed to make the new ‘type’ field
mandatory — if the protobuf field is not present, the mesos master rejects your task with

A colleague of mine was testing our internal scheduler against HEAD of mesos, and discovered
that any task they submitted was being rejected as TASK_ERROR, since we were setting health
checks, but not sending type. I filed MESOS-6110, on the 30th of August, and haosdent huang
has kindly created <>
to try to fix this.

In the course of reviewing that fix, I noticed that it only addresses the case of a command
health check, and does not continue to support HTTP health checks in the way they were in
1.0.0. This is a problem for our scheduler, as we have ~always (before mesos actually added
support) passed our HTTP health checks in the message, depending on our custom executor to
actually perform the check. It is now true that even with the proposed change (51560), we
will still get tasks rejected with TASK_ERROR in 1.1.0, despite the same exact code working
in 1.0.0.

Even in the case of the command health checks, which are once again supported in 51560, we
now get deprecation warnings, suggesting that mesos will again break us in 1.4.

It is my team’s belief that the mesos compatibility guarantee, as documented on this page: <>
would prohibit this sort of change from occurring. Specifically, the ‘API Versioning’
section says "The API version is only bumped if we need to make a backwards incompatible API
change. We will strive to support a given API version for at least a year.” and under the
‘API compatibility’ the change is considered to be breaking if it would involve "Adding
new required fields to existing requests to “/scheduler”.”

The proposed change does indeed add a new required field — ‘type’ to the v1 api, in
the case of command health checks in 6 months, in the case of http health checks, immediately.
Therefore, it seems clear that this constitutes a new ‘v2’ api, and it’s very clear
that 6 months is too short, especially as another part of the 'API Versioning’ section says
"The deprecation clock for vN-1 API will start as soon as we release “N.0.0” version of
Mesos. […]”

Please believe me, I understand the need to be able to change broken api and implementation
quickly, without spending years maintaining technical debt. This is why I believe the mesos
project decided to move to a model where the internal protobufs are separate from the v1/v2/etc.
protobufs, and evolvers/devolvers are proposed. It seems clear that the right way of doing
this is to modify the internal protobuf to look the way you’d like (better message name,
clearer field order, etc.) and write an evolver from the v1 api to the internal api.

Also, I think it’s important to note that the compatibility guarantees I’m citing are
exactly the things that make it possible at all to write a scheduler against mesos and actually
use it in production. Deciding that this case is too insignificant to really bother with the
compatibility guarantees means that you’ve just pushed the tech debt issue one level higher
to the scheduler writers.

I’m sorry this email ended up so long, but thank you for taking some time to read it —
I believe that this issue is critical to the ongoing health of the mesos project.

> On Sep 5, 2016, at 11:14 AM, haosdent <> wrote:
> Hi, folks. As I mentioned in the previous email
> We have added `type` in the `HealthCheck` protobuf definition in 1.1.0 and
> health checks without `type` specified will be deprecated since 1.1.0.
> For backwards compatibility, we still support the command health check if the
> type is not specified for now. But we plan to make `type` become a required field
> and return `TASK_ERROR` if the type is not specified after 6 months. The question
> is if this meets the deprecated policy since 1.0 ? If 6 months is too short and
> we have to deprecate it after 2.0 ?
> Looking forward the answers. Any concerns and questions are appreciated, thanks a lot!
> -- 
> Best Regards,
> Haosdent Huang

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