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From 志昌 余 <>
Subject 答复: Deactivationg framework unexpectly
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2016 10:03:31 GMT
Hi Anindys,

    Thanks for the info. I'll enable  scheduler driver log to see what happen.


Zhichang Yu

发件人: <> 代表 Anindya Sinha <>
发送时间: 2016年8月8日 23:50:10
主题: Re: Deactivationg framework unexpectly

Looks like your framework (chronos) is sending a DeactivateFrameworkMessage message to the
master. The scheduler driver would also send a DeativateFramework message if it is aborted

Also, master can deactivate your framework if your framework disconnects or fails over. Please
check logs in master or see if your framework received a FrameworkErrorMessage.


On Aug 8, 2016, at 3:35 AM, 志昌 余 <<>>

    I recently faced a wired problem. I'm running mesos + chronos. Chronos often (once every
several days) stops scheduling tasks due to mesos deactived the framework.
As following is the log of mesos master leader:

# grep -iP "activat|disconnected" /var/log/mesos/mesos-master.INFO
I0806 13:40:33.143658    30 master.cpp:2551] Deactivating framework 90a6a7dc-7256-4e55-bd7e-573233c5df74-0000
(chronos-2.5.0-SNAPSHOT) at scheduler-86a64d22-5201-4bb0-8a2c-70d3e97afae6@<mailto:scheduler-86a64d22-5201-4bb0-8a2c-70d3e97afae6@>:34544
I0806 13:40:33.143908    23 hierarchical.cpp:375] Deactivated framework 90a6a7dc-7256-4e55-bd7e-573233c5df74-0000

The fix is to manually reboot the chronos leader.

My env:
There are 3 physical machines, on each are running containerized mesos master and chronos.
When the issue occurred,  the mesos leader and chronos leader were both running on the same

Software Version:


    Can anyone give insight for this problem?
Zhichang Yu

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