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From Charles Allen <>
Subject cgroup limits on memory page cache
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2016 03:16:07 GMT
I have two services I want to make co-tenant on the same machines, where
one has much more relaxed SLAs than the other.

I can easily make one pre-empt the other at a cgroup level by controlling
their cpu shares.

And I can limit one by having memory limits assignable through its role

The other higher priority service makes heavy use of disk page cache, and
therefore would like to use as much memory for disk page cache as possible,
but allow the lower-priority service to gobble up SOME of that page cache
(to a limit)

This is achievable with cgroups alone by setting appropriate cpu shares
between the cgroups, and setting the memory limit of one cgroup to
unlimited, while bounding the memory limit of the lesser priority service.

Can I achieve such a thing in Mesos role resource definitions?

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