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From Rodrick Brown <>
Subject Re: OS X latency issue when run as a plist
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2016 01:20:03 GMT
Have you tried using something like supervisord? Or the slew of other process launchers available
for *nix. 
Check brew.
I would look to that as an interim solution if the plist method remains problematic. 

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On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 7:44 AM -0400, "Rinaldo Digiorgio" <> wrote:

	There have been prior discussions on the list about the OS X Latency issue. I had filed a
bug here:
	We have found that the root cause is starting the mesos application in the background using
a plist entry.  If you launch the mesos agent from a terminal it works fine.  We have tried
to get a plist (not an app) to work and none of the documented settings in launchd remove
the latency issue.
	The settings we tried are:
	 ProcessType <string>     This optional key describes, at a high level, the intended
purpose of the job.  The system will apply
     resource limits based on what kind of job it is. If left unspecified, the system will
apply light
     resource limits to the job, throttling its CPU usage and I/O bandwidth. The following
are valid values:

           Background jobs are generally processes that do work that was not directly requested
by the user.
           The resource limits applied to Background jobs are intended to prevent them from
disrupting the
           user experience.

           Standard jobs are equivalent to no ProcessType being set.

           Adaptive jobs move between the Background and Interactive classifications based
on activity over
           XPC connections. See xpc_transaction_begin(3) for details.

           Interactive jobs run with the same resource limitations as apps, that is to say,
none. Interac-tive Interactive
           tive jobs are critical to maintaining a responsive user experience, and this key
should only be
           used if an app's ability to be responsive depends on it, and cannot be made Adaptive.

The mesos agent works correctly if you start it as a GUI app. This leaves an icon on the screen.
One can live with it but it is an indication of the lack of proper documentation from apple
and or utter lack of understanding of background application on the Desktop OS known as OS
X.  If someone has a plist solution please share it. It is not reasonable to start mesos
agents from a terminal session or cron, the operating system should manage startup and shutdown.


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