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From Mark Hammons <>
Subject Running a mesos executor within a container....
Date Sun, 31 Jul 2016 13:47:13 GMT
Hi all,

So far I've been developing a mesos framework using a custom executor and 
scheduler. Custom executors seem to provide a lot of flexibility in responding to and 
communicating with the parent mesos-slave, so I'd like to keep that around. However, 
my users would like to have customizable environments for their algorithms to run in 
(like maybe one user would design their application in an ubuntu environment and 
doesn't want to take the time to adapt to the CentOS 7 environment the mesos slave 
is running). So, I'd like to set the sandbox of the executor to be within the context of a

docker image. I thought doing something like this would work:

but it doesn't for three big reasons. First, the binaries I get mesos to download into 
my sandbox don't appear to be within the docker image, and second the command 
defined by execCommand is executed at the root of the docker image instead of 
within the mesos sandbox. Even when I get around these issues by adding directives 
in execCommand to download the missing binaries into the docker image, running the 
executor causes it to complain about libmesos being missing. Is there any way to do 
what I'm trying to do? Could someone give me an example project that works this 

Mark Hammons - +33 06 03 69 56 56
Research Engineer @ BioEmergences[1] 
Lab Phone: 01 69 82 34 19


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